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What Is Astrology?

Astrology can be broken down into two words: “astro” meaning “stars” and “logos” meaning “ to study’. Astrology is thus, the study of stars, moon, sun and planets to understand, track and predict their influence in the human world. In astrology, an astrologer studies how the cosmic bodies are related and how they can be used to foretell the future. Shri Astrologer can help you in examining how the movement of heavenly bodies can influence and have an effect on your life and how you can benefit from it. With our astrologer in Jaipur, we can provide you with astrological solutions that can help you in enhancing the quality of your life and resolve all of your problems.

Are you looking for an astrologer in Jaipur who can provide you with suitable astrological advice for all the problems / matters of your life? You have come to the right place as Shri Astrologer is a pioneer in providing the finest astrological services and brings the best astrologer in Jaipur to you.

Shri Astrologers provides you with the finest jyotish in Jaipur whose astrological remedies can help you beat all the obstacles in your life and also to improve every aspect of it.

About Us

Shri Astrologer was started in order to provide embellished astrological advice to anybody whose life can be improved via astrology. We are a team of astro experts who aim to deliver the most accurate astrological consultation.

What we offer

We offer the best astrologer in Jaipur who aid our clients in getting the best out of astrological counselling and use that to predict the future course of action and enhance their lives. Our clients can use our astrology consultation services to tackle all the possible hurdles that come in one’s life-

Why Choose Us

Astrology is one of the most important tools available to mankind and is a medium that ultimately points towards the truths of the cosmos.

Shri Astrologer astrological guidance to help you in turning your life around. Astrology is a language in which the universe tries to have a conversation and you just have to listen. With Shri Astrologer you can get astrological aid from the best astrologer in Jaipur and divert the positive vibes of the cosmos towards you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Throughout the universe,there are a lot of cosmic forces simultaneously acting. These cosmic forces go on to have an effect on how things pan out around us and how we humans behave. Astrology is a field that studies the “signs’ given by these forces and alter the human actions accordingly.

The Indian or Vedic astrology has a concept of fixed zodiac whereas the Western one functions on a fixed one. In Vedic astrology, the time and place of birth is fundamental and thus the astrological predictions are more precise than the Western ones who give a generic prediction for masses. Thus, Indian astrology is more accurate than the Western one.

The sun may be humongous in size but the moon is much closer in proximity to the earth and thus goes on to have a bigger role in human life and the happenings on earth. That is why Indian astrology considers moon sign as more relevant than the sun sign.