North Facing House Vastu Plan

North Facing House Vastu Plan

North Facing House Vastu Plan, Staircase and Model Floor Plans:

On the off chance that, given a possibility, to choose from North, South, East or West confronting house, a great many people will watch out for – or will – pick the North facing house and that is quite recently in view of an “almost true” actuality that North confronting houses are exceptionally favorable. I say “almost true” in light of the fact that, even a North confronting house can be exceptionally foreboding – if and just if – it’s not according to the principles and directions of Vastu Shastra. At the end of the day, direction of a house is not a certification of it being promising, there’s something more to it than direction and that is the situation of principle entryway/entrance and remaining rooms of a home. Thus we have decided to share North Facing House Vastu Plan.

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North Facing House Plan according to Vastu:

As said before for North Facing House Vastu Plan, North heading is viewed as extremely promising in Vastu Shastra; henceforth according to north-bound house Vastu, you can put primary entryway at any area in North side and it won’t hurt you in any event. In any case, there are 9 padas or ventures in North side of a house all having diverse favorability; we’ve talked about this underneath.

Pada According to vastu for north facing house plans

  • Here, I should likewise disclose to you that the most propitious pada (venture) of North facing house vastu plan, for collecting riches and wealth, is the fifth one; now, keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend pada or step, all you have to do is it to have a decent take a gander at the picture underneath.
  • The fifth pada (green one) is the best and the most propitious for passageway or primary entryway of a north-bound home. It’s the area of Kuber (the God of riches) and draws in cash. In the event that you need to draw in a great deal of riches into your life the read our article @ 21 Vastu Tips for Wealth.
  • The pada’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the ones that you can use (for passageway/principle entryway) if pada 5 alone is little. Be that as it may, make a point to incorporate pada 5 alongside padas 4, 3, 2 or 1. In case you’re utilizing space up to pada 1, at that point ensure that the passage/principle entryway doesn’t touch the NE corner.
  • Leave no less than 6 crawls of space from NE divider.
  • The pada’s 6 to 9 are the ones that can be utilized if there’s no choice to put the fundamental entryway in whatever other padas.Having comprehended standards and rules for north-bound house Vastu, you’re presently prepared to realize what to do and maintain a strategic distance from in a north-bound home, so simply perused on.

9 Don’ts of North Facing House Plan according to Vastu:

Below we are mentioning that you should not do for your North Facing House Vastu Plan:

  • Stay away from a latrine in the NE corner.
  • Stay away from room in NE corner.
  • Stay away from a septic tank in NE corner; in reality this picture will disclose to you the best area to make a septic tank. Refresh: More on Septic tank Vastu @ Septic Tank Vastu
  • Stay away from staircase in North side of the home particularly from padas first to fifth.
  • Abstain from having a kitchen in NE corner; on the off chance that you happen to have a kitchen in NE then this post will help you.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from a plot that slants from North to South.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from huge trees in North side of the house.
  • Abstain from having mess, earth, dustbins and so forth towards North and NE.
  • Stay away from a compromised; if your home has it at that point read our post NE Vastu dosh and cures.
  • 10 Do’s of Vastu House Plans North Facing:

    Below we are mentioning that you should do for your North Facing House Vastu Plan:

    • Put the fundamental entryway in fifth pada; this’ll give loads of riches.
    • You can put entrance in padas fourth to first if pada 5 alone is little.
    • Make dividers in North and East somewhat shorter and more slender than South and West.
    • Ensure that kitchen is in SE or NW.
    • Confront East (in SE kitchen) and West (in NW kitchen) while cooking.
    • Make a Pooja room in NE corner. More on this @ Pooja Room Vastu Tips
    • You can bring home the bacon room in NE corner. More on this @ Living Room Vastu Tips
    • Make a visitor room in NW.
    • Pick a plot that inclines from South to North.
    • Make the main room in SW.

    Importance of Staircase Vastu for North Facing House:

    • Staircases – or stairs for short are a critical piece of every single multistory house. Stairs enable you to move starting with one level of home then onto the next level effectively and easily.
    • In Vastu Shastra, staircases are given high significance; it is stated, accepted and even approved that a staircase which does not agree to tenets and directions of Vastu Shastra prompts visit by and large, major mishaps, loss of riches and mental pressure.
    • Then again, if stairs are found and constructed according to Vastu, at that point the inhabitants appreciate riches, wellbeing and true serenity.

    Non Compliant Staircase Vastu for North Facing House – List of Problems, Issues and Risks:

    • Budgetary Troubles: Loss of riches, obligation and liquidation
    • Well being Related Issues: Frequent mischances – deadly and minor, sick strength of youngsters in a family, breathing issues; blood related medicinal issues and uncommon deadly sicknesses.
    • Family Issues: Conflict inside relatives, mental strain and stress.

    I trust that the previously mentioned few reasons are adequate for you to consider Staircase Vastu for North Facing House, Consequently read the following area of this article to comprehend obviously and actualize staircase Vastu tips so that the stairs in your home conveys joy and prosperity to you and your family.

    In the above article we have tried to cover all the things related to North Facing House Vastu Plan, Hope we have cleared all your doubts, if you have any you can ask us below in comments.

    Why North Facing House Plan with Vastu is important:

    North facing house plan with vastu is very essential for growth and happiness of family and people who are going to live in that particular place. Vastu shastra is not only related to mythology or and traditional architecture. It is also based on scientific essence of architecture and more upon positive and negative energies.

    Below We are showing few samples images of North Facing House Plans according to Vastu:

    north facing house plan according to vastu House Plan for North Facing House According to Vastu

    North facing house vastu plan north facing house plan according to vastu


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