Numerology & Your Personality Number 9 Traits and Challenges

Numerology & Your Personality Number 9 Traits and Challenges

What is Numerology?

In simple words, numerology is the study of numbers in your life. You can use the Numerology to expose information about the world and to everyone. Numerology is seen as the universal language of numbers.

If you are familiar with astrology, you can know something about Numerology; It is similar in some ways but uses a different method to get information and insights: Numbers.

Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system and once it breaks, we are left with the basic elements, which are numbers. Then these numbers can be used to help the world understand better and better as individuals.

Numerology & Your Personality Number 9 Traits and Challenges


People with personality number 9 are quite impressive and well-bred person.

  • People may often remember you and after they have seen you once. Many famous people have numerology number 9 as their personal. You are kind of sophisticated, dainty, charming and lots of people are attracted towards your personality.
  • People will have love or hate emotions, no intermediate kind of feelings here. Hatred emotions of other people are based on their jealousy factor and understanding of their own shortcomings.
  • It is very normal for you to be alone. You will find serenity and peace when you are actually lonely. Generally, you have the certainty in the amount of the hours that you can tolerate other days, and then you yourself will need some time for your own privacy.
  • You will work better with a large number of people and information than working as an individual. With your friends, you may be emphatic and kind.
  • Your taste, especially in clothing, will be always exceptional; you know the tact of clothing and dressing up for the ceremony, family function.

Characteristics Of This Kind Of Personality Trait:


People with the personality of Numerology Number 9 must take some certain kind of precautions in order to negate the destructive quality of the planet Mars on them and especially to fulfill the true potential of their numerology number. These precautions are as follows:

  • Number 9 persons tend to do things in a hurry. This attitude will cause harm to them only. It is admirable to do work at a fast pace but can compromise your quality and final consequences.
  • They must leave the violence towards animals. Surely it will possess a beautiful kind of temperament and a lovely positive mind in a human nature. Also, a little kind of patience may create magnificence for them.
  • They must negotiate rather than being in litigation because they would also lose frequently in a law court.
  • Friends may also easily turn into your enemies. The Personality Number 9 persons must use compassion and the intelligence to win them back by skipping many hurdles.
  • They should protect the health of their wife and adequately.
  • They must protect them against the electric shock and from the explosion.
  • Number 9 persons work actively only to generate peace and harmony in their home. They are often suggested to use the immense turmoil and pain to their family members.
  • They would also benefit the enormous form of sale or purchase of the property.
  • They must not get themselves indulge in the sorrow and pain kind of emotions.

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The numerology Number 9 persons are very lucky in the matters of financial conditions. Their business earns usually more than an average businessman income. They enjoy all the comforts and luxurious life that money can buy. Personality number 9 persons are kind of liberal in spending their money, especially for their wife/girlfriend. They will always benefit the greatly through sale and purchase of the property.


Health Hazards are as follows :

Numerology number 9 persons will be always afflicted with the following illness: Smallpox, Measles, Chicken-pox, Trouble with Kidney, Trouble with the throat and the bronchial tubes.

Healthy herbs:

Principal herbs of the numerology number 9 persons are onions, garlic, mustard-seed, ginger, pepper, and horseradish. They must use these as much as possible in order to ensure a proper healthy diet.


Number 9’s are always loyal friends, mates, and partners, though they aren’t super romantic.

Due to your detached kind of nature and fact that your attention is usually focused on your goals, your partner may also feel left behind.

Only partners who are usually emotionally can securely put up with your divided attention between work and love. As it is stated before, you feel things very deep inside, though you are eagerly willing to allow other people to know that.

Others can feel also uncomfortable around you because they get the sense that there is much more to you than meets the eye.

You can surely hard for other people to read since you are only unwilling to share your emotions when you feel free to do so.

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