Poop Dream Interpretation

Poop Dream Interpretation

Poop Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation of seeing Poop

Poop Dream interpretation can tell you a lot about your coming future unless you are dreaming about something you are concerned with lately or you are dreaming from open eyes. Well, dreaming about strange things is generally considered the way of Universe telling you something about your life and that message should not be ignored.

Dreaming about pooping or feces can cause you disgust but it might be warning you for something bad that is going to happen or preparing you for a happy phase that is coming your way. To make it easier for yourself in understanding what exactly the poop dream interpretation means, read the below possible dream scenarios and interpretations.

poop dream meaning


  • Common Poop Dream

The general or most common poop dream interpretation is seeing the poop off in your way. The type and place of the poop are meaningful. Hence, you are required to observe the dream carefully and focus on the details. If you are dreaming of some bird pooping over your head or normally the poop of the bird fell over your head from the sky, there are chances of getting lucky in the near future.

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The dog represents a loyal friend and the cat represents a woman in your life and seeing poop any of these two animals means that you are going to support them financially in the near future as they have made a mistake in investing or something.

  • Dreaming of Poop on bed

The dream of seeing poop on a bed is directly connected with your love/sexual life and it points out to the chances of getting problems with your partner. The feces can be thrown but the stains are hard to remove and thus it is suggested to stay clear of anything that can adversely affect your relationship.

  • Seeing poop everywhere

Seeing poop all around you is a sign of good fortune and wealth. So, if you are seeing a lot of feces around you in the dream than get ready for receiving a huge amount of luck soon.

  • Dreaming unnatural poop colors

If you are dreaming Poop interpretation in other colors like green or white color which is an unusual thing to see, it points out the probability of getting stuck into some negative outcomes at home or office. The difference in colors is the reason for possible uncanny ventures that are waiting for you on the road ahead.

  • Dream of stepping into the Poop

Stepping into the poop dream interpretations are based on the chances of unexpected fortune. Yes, if you are dreaming of stepping into poop it might refer to the possibility that you are going to get a good luck in your work. The stepping in is a sudden and unintentional thing and thus it represents the sudden fortune from the unexpected factors.

  • Dreaming Baby Poops

Baby poop in dreams is a good sign and there is nothing to be worried about. It focuses on the outcome of your hard work and that soon you are going to pay for your good deeds. You are going to gain a lot of wealth in the near future.

  • Pooping out in Toilet

If you are dreaming of pooping in a toilet, it means that you are filled with depressing and negative thoughts and you need to get rid of them. If the poop is not flushing out and has started flowing over to the brim of the toilet seat, it refers that your views and thoughts are overwhelming and you need to find the solution for it as soon as possible.

  • Pooping in Public

Pooping in public in a dream tells that you are trying to socialize your wealth in order to show off your money. Also if you’re pooping with other people in a public restroom without the separators might point out your habit of comparing your wealth with others and you need to stop it.

  • Holding the feces in a dream

Holding feces in a dream suggests something unreasonable being done by you. Something that does not hold any importance, it might be work-related. You are being told to do something in real life which is not making any kind of sense to you. If you are throwing the poop on someone in dreams, it means that someone has taken up the advantage of your labor.

  • Cleaning Poop in Dream

Cleaning Poop in the dream refers to working hard in making amends to what has happened wrong. If you are cleaning your own poop it might mean you are making the things right for yourself and if you are cleaning other’s poop then it might mean that you are helping them to stand on their own. Although this process of cleaning rewards you in terms of money as well.

Hope the blog has answered your questions about what does a dream about pooping or feces represents in the context of the real life. To know more of the interpretations related to dreams click on the following link.

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