Reiki Healing Symbols & Reiki Symbol for Protection


Reiki Healing Symbols & Reiki Symbol for Protection

Reiki healing is the practice of USUI Reiki, it was developed in Japan by a Buddhist monk named Mikao USUI nearly 100 years ago. The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words Rei: Spiritual Power or High power Ki: energy.

The word Reiki is spiritual life force energy and this can be loosely translated.

The Reiki healers practice or adjust also called initiation, moving their hands all over the body along the lines of the traditional Reiki healing symbols in Japanese It also promotes the physical and mental healing. All these gestures can manipulate the flow of universal energy called ki (qi) through the body.

Many Reiki Healing Symbols

Typical reiki sessions almost lasts for 60 to 90 minutes per day, patients are treated during the reiki healing sessions by making the patient by lying down on massage table or making him/her comfortably sit and patients can be fully clothed during reiki sessions and specifically in physical contact with the one who’s performing the reiki session. These symbols are used for a specific purpose but bit differently to make people’s mind alert and their body to change the way of Reiki healing functions are performed.

The Power Symbol

To increase and to decrease cho ku rei is used ( it depends upon the direction in which it is drawn). The power symbol puts the main of switching light and as well as of representing its ability to illuminate or to enlighten spiritually. Most Reiki practitioners believe in regulating qi, contracting and expanding as energy flows throughout the whole body. The power comes into the form of cho ku rei.

It may be used for physical healing, purification or cleansing. It may also help to increase one’s focus and attention.

The Harmony Symbol

It symbolizes harmony ( Sei hei ki ). It helps in purification and it is used for mental and emotional healing too. The harmony symbol resembles that a wave washing across a beach or the bird wing in the flight. This treatment is for addiction or depression in order to restore the spiritual equilibrium of the body. It will also help people recover from past physical or emotional trauma or to unblock creative energies.

The Distance Symbol

Hon sha ze sho nen is when sending qi all across the long distance. Its intention is towards timeliness and sometimes it is called pagoda. It can unlock the akashic records which usually transforms the Hon sha ze sho nen, some of the practitioners believe in all the sources of human consciousness. Mainly working on an inner child or past life issues with clients.

The Master Symbol

Enlightenment is the main focus of this symbol reiki master also named as Dai ko myo. This is only utilized by the reiki masters when attuning initiates. This symbol has the power of harmony, the combination of power and distances symbols. Master symbols are the most complex than other symbols to draw with the hand during the Reiki sessions.

The Xompletion Symbol

It is also known as raku symbol and is used during the final stage of Reiki process. This completion symbol’s intention is grounding. The Reiki treatment is drawing to a close, setting the body within. The striking lighting bolt symbol made by the hands is drawn in the downward gesture and symbolize the healing session is completed.

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