The Most Powerful Crystals for Love and Marriage

Crystals for love

The Most Powerful Crystals for Love and Marriage

In order to make a relationship thrive, dedication and commitment are required from both sides. Although the will to make dedication and commitment can make a relationship long-lasting, they are not easy to make. However, another option to make relationships successful is to use crystals for love.

That said, there are various categories of love. For instance, self-love, attracting love, showing love to a partner, and more. No matter what type of relationship you are in or what type of love you are hoping to develop, crystals can help to attain that love successfully.

Crystals have various properties that help a person both physically and psychologically, and the trait of enhancing one’s love also lies under crystals’ properties.

How do crystals help in Love and Marriage?

Crystals help the bearer to form a deep connection with the earth, and crystals’ vibrations and properties encourage positive energy in the bearer and help them to find and attain love. Moreover, crystals help the bearer to develop self-love and trust and also help the bearer to welcome love in their life.

Crystals for love and marriage address various aspects that may impact one’s love life. Thanks to the properties and well-grounded properties of crystals, they also help the bearer to take their relationship to a new level or start a new and healthy relationship. Given below are the best crystals for love, followed by a brief description and how they lay down a foundation for successful relationships.

Blue Lace Agate

The Blue Lace Agate crystals are known for their good luck properties and can help a person to make commitments and make a relationship successful. Moreover, the properties of Blue Lace Agate also help to develop self-love and are also known as one of the best crystals for self-love. Blue Lace Agate also helps a person to relieve anxiety and maintain an emotionally stable balance and gives courage in challenging times, marriage, for instance.

Blue Lace Agate is associated with the chakra of the heart and offers the bearer with emotional facilities, allowing them to emotionally connect with their partner. Thanks to its properties that bring abundance and fullness to one’s life, Blue Lace Agate is also known as the stone of plentitude.

Additionally, the crystal also gives blessings to the bearer and encourages them to take a moment to meditate, reflect, and reorient themselves. The crystal also boosts passion in both partners and brings intimacy to the relationship. The crystal has gentle vibrations and various properties that bring comfort, stability, and emotional turbulence in a relationship, hence making it one of the best crystals for love and relationships.


The Citrine crystal has the color of sunshine and similar properties to the mighty sun. Citrine symbolizes warmth, positivity, and energy and removes negative energies from one’s body and spirit. Citrine helps the bearer to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than getting down with the negative ones. The optimistic properties of Citrine also give the courage to make necessary commitments and focus on the future rather than reforging the past.

The crystal is associated with the chakra of the solar plexus and helps the bearer to know their self-worth and know whether the relationship is really the one or not. Furthermore, the crystal balances the positive flow of energy throughout the body, helping the bearer to fight anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues.

The properties of Citrine also bring good fortune upon the bearer and the people around them and allows them to thrive in both personal and professional life. Moreover, Citrine has a powerful and positive vibration that boosts intimacy, passion, and the will to make commitments in a relationship, making it one of the best crystals for romance.


Diamonds are the toughest gems and are known for their robust strength as well as for their feminine and masculine energy. Diamonds symbolize love, and for decades, they have been used as crystals for engagements and weddings. The crystals are known for their beauty and are associated with good fortune, creativity, intelligence, elegance, social prestige, and health.

The properties of Diamonds also have strong healing properties and help the bearer to be aware of the love that surrounds them. The properties of Diamonds also represent eternal love, and thanks to the crystal’s strong vibration, it helps the bearer to make a relationship thrive or develop self-love.

Ultimately, Diamonds symbolize strength and eternity and bring positive energy, awareness, truth, and power. Diamonds are the strongest gems in the world and are some of the best crystals for love and marriage.


Garnet has a positive vibration, and the properties of Garnet are some of the best when it comes down to bringing emotional balance to one’s life. Garnet is also known as the stone of commitment, making it one of the best crystals for manifesting love. Moreover, the properties of Garnet allow the bearer to step outside of their mental realm and turn dreams into reality in both personal and professional life.

Garnet has various properties, and all of them are associated with the root, solar plexus, and heart chakra, healing the bearer to build a strong relationship, increase self-belief, and emotionally connect with the partner. Moreover, Garnet also helps the bearer to overcome their fear, look for truth, and let go of the past.

The properties and vibration of Garnet also provide guidance and safety and helps in creating intimacy and passion in a relationship. Moreover, Garnet also boosts the chances of making a relationship successful and is also one of the best crystals to attract love.

Lapis Lazuli

Also known as the stone of wisdom, Lapis Lazuli allows one to be aware of their inner feelings and perceptions. The crystal helps to bring out repressed emotions and becomes a guide to find and live in truth. Moreover, thanks to Lapis Lazuli’s calm vibration, it helps to develop an emotional capacity to strengthen relationships. Additionally, the crystal is linked with the planet Venus, which is also known as the goddess of love.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the throat chakra and empowers the saying, “communication is the key to making a relationship successful.” Moreover, the crystal also gives strength to stand one’s ground and share the truth with the surroundings. Additionally, the crystal also helps the bearer to expand their consciousness, purify mind and soul, and connect with spirit guides.

Lapis Lazuli has calming properties and vibrations and is among the best crystals for love and happiness. The crystal also helps one to communicate much more efficiently with their partner and the people around them and not let their anger, depression, anxiety, and other emotions lead them.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz represents femininity and compassion and is universally regarded as the stone of love. The Rose Quartz has a pale cherry blossom color, and its properties bring unconditional love to one’s life. The crystal symbolizes calmness and peace and is capable of making a relationship successful. Furthermore, Rose Quartz is also a known crystal for preventing toxic and unhealthy behavior in a relationship, such as jealousy, lack of trust, insecurity, etc.

Rose Quartz is linked with the law of attraction and can help a person to know whether they are in a healthy relationship or not and can also help the bearer to meet their fated partner. Additionally, Rose Quartz also has physical and psychological healing properties and also helps to gently stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body.

The Rose Quartz crystal has a gentle vibration and is associated with the chakra of the heart and allows one to show empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, as well as develop self-love; hence making it one of the best crystals for love and romance.


Rubies are known for their luckiness and warmth and are regal gemstones. The stone balances energy and ensures that the user won’t go into a fiery zest. Ruby provides excitement to all relationships, and its properties boost passion, vitality, and curiosity. Moreover, Rubies are also some of the best stones to build relationships steadily over time and also energizes new thoughts and experience.

Ruby stimulates sensuality and physicality and also incites commitment, faithfulness, sexual desires, and passionate love. The stone is associated with the heart chakra and allows the bearer and their partner to feel divine love. Furthermore, the properties of ruby represent prosperity, virtue, and protection, and it is also a popular wedding stone.

The calm and gentle vibration of ruby allows one to clear mind and focus on achieving goals. Moreover, Ruby also boosts the bearer’s confidence and helps them to get out of the “I don’t know if I can do it or not” personality. Ruby is one of a kind stone and is one of the best crystals for love and healing.


As expected of its name, Moonstone has a similar look and properties to the moon and illuminates a light that guides the bearer to their destined path. Moonstone has gentle and calming properties that symbolize intuition and fertility. Moreover, Moonstone also represents balance, fortune, and new beginnings. The stone also helps the bearer to adapt to new surroundings without having any mental traumas.

Thanks to Moonstone’s calm and gentle vibration, it gives the bearer the confidence to make their thoughts clear to the other person. For instance, Moonstone gives the courage to ask for a breakup or to move in together. Furthermore, hope is also one of Moonstone’s properties and promises that they will find the exact relationship they are looking for.

Moonstone is filled with mystical powers and allows one to develop self-love. Additionally, Moonstone is associated with the crown chakra and helps the bearer to clear all clouds from their mind as well as release negative energies from the body and lay down a foundation for healthy and long-lasting love.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a member of the Tourmaline crystal family, which is known for its protective properties. Among all the members of the Tourmaline family, Pink Tourmaline has the best properties for love and relationship properties. Moreover, Pink Tourmaline has soothing vibrations that allow it to become one of the best crystals for love. The stone grants the bearer to share a safe place and emotional understanding with their partner.

Pink Tourmaline is associated with the chakra of the heart and helps to heal emotional wounds that the past may have made. Moreover, Pink Tourmaline allows one to develop trust, confidence, and self-love. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal of compassion and helps to calm distress of any color.

Pink Tourmaline is an ideal stone for those who are those who want to develop a love of their understanding and want to move in the universe at their own pace. Ultimately, Pink Tourmaline has strong properties and vibrations that help in creating a robust foundation for relationships; thus, making it one of the best crystals that help with love.


Obsidian is a protective stone and wraps a cloak of protection around the bearer’s shoulder and the people around them. The properties of Obsidian also help to bring unconditional love to one’s life or to make a relationship long-lasting and built on trust. Moreover, the stone also helps the bearer to be open with their thoughts and feelings and clearly explain them to others.

Obsidian has robust properties and strong vibration and is associated with the root chakra, providing one with stability, security, and basic needs. The properties of Obsidian are well grounded and help the bearer to overcome any obstacles that lie in their personal or professional life.

Although Obsidian has protective properties, it also helps a person to develop faith, trust, and love. Additionally, Obsidian also boosts one’s self-confidence and allows them to take steps that are beneficial for their relationship and themselves.

How to use crystals for love?

Crystals have majestic properties and can help to attain your desired love. In order to use the abilities of crystals for love, you can try the following:

  • Holding the crystal in hand or placing it in front of you while you meditate.
  • Wearing crystal as an accessory or storing it in your wallet/purse.
  • Placing the crystal underneath the pillow.
  • Submerging the crystal in the water while taking a bath or placing it along the edge of the bathtub.
  • Placing the crystal on your office desk or any visible corner in the house.
  • Placing the crystal along with your plants.
  • Making an altar with crystal and placing it on a visible corner of the house.
  • Placing the crystal in a gem pod.

To Conclude

Crystals have various types of properties, and each crystal corresponds with the chakra in our body. Crystals for love and marriage are also the same as they regulate one’s chakra and help to balance the energy. Although there are various types of categories in love, a variety of crystals are available to achieve the love you desire.

Additionally, crystals can also help to let go of an unhealthy relationship and start a new and healthy relationship. However, take note that before activating the crystal’s properties, you must know your intention in order to properly use crystals for love.

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