Vastu Consultant In Ahmedabad

What Is Vastu?

Vastu is a scientific way of creating a better life. Nobody wants their life to be sabotaged because of their workplace or house. Vastu is the solution for that. It saves you and your loved ones from any Vastu related problems. We at Shri Astrologer, a Vastu consultant in Ahmedabad helps people with their Vastu related problems and make sure that their problems are solved.

Whenever things are not going right or you are facing problems in your life, Vastu can help you in coming up with a solution.

About Us

We at Shri Astrologer, a Vastu consultant in Ahmedabad serve our customers with tons of services. We tell them about ourselves and about our work, explain to them the process and how the work is done. Whatever problem you might be having, negative energy can be one of the reasons for that.

Shri Astrologer can help you in abolishing it for you and making your life better.

Vastu Services

The services that we provide to our customers can solve all their vastu related problems. We make sure that whatever might be their problems, we have a solution for that.

Services that we provide are-

Vastu for Commercial Purpose

Sometimes work can be irritating and hectic but if it continues then it can affect the whole work environment. Delay in the work can not only affect one person but also the whole organisation.
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Vastu can come for the aid of such problems. The services for commercial purpose are-

  • Vastu for ShopIf you are running shop then it’s important for you to have customers, gain profit and covering up the entire cost. Right vastu helps in the proper running of the business. It obliterates negative energy and brings positivity which helps in smooth running of the business.
  • Vastu for SchoolRunning a school is not an easy job. Proper working of the school is the only way to generate profit and gain reputation. Vastu for this place should be absolute. It should not be on the wrong location or in the wrong direction.
  • Vastu for ClinicIt happens that your business was running completely fine for many years but suddenly it’s growth stopped. The customers switched to a new clinic or the service was not that good anymore. Vastu helps in making these issues upright.

Vastu for Residence

Vastu for a residential area should be accurate as one wrong thing can affect the whole environment.

Right things will happen if the vastu for that place is right. Vastu for residencel covers topics such as: Vastu for residential area should be accurate otherwise it can affect the nature of the house. Right vastu helps in keeping the house calm so that people can relax without any negative energy.

  • Vastu for BedroomYou need your room to be calm and composed. Any disturbance with affect your mood and cause problems. To wipe out these problems vastu is needed. It improves the conditions of the bedroom and prevents it from any kind of disturbance.
  • Vastu for Drawing RoomThis covers most of the area in a house. People like to eat, watch tv and spend some time in this room. The environment of this place should be correct so that whosoever is there in that room should feel peaceful and calming.
  • Vastu for Children RoomChildren’s room should not be enjoyable but also should be restful. Any disturbance can affect the children. Vastu helps in solving this problem. Children’s growth is really important and the vastu can help in creating a higher standard of living and a better environment.

Why Choose Us

Life can sometimes be really challenging. There can be set back and disappointment in career. To annihilate these problems, we at Shri Astrologer , a vastu consultant at ahmedabad, helps people to live a better life. We help them with vastu related service and provide them with services that can solve their problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Car parking can also affect the vastu of the house. The car should be parked according to Vastu Shastra.

No, you need to leave some space from the corner of the wall. Nonetheless, vastu rules, for main door, are different for different facings.

Overhead water tank can puts pressure wherever it might be located. Therefore , it’s better to locate them in SW, West or South. However, apart from location there are other vastu rules for overhead water tank (and even for underground ones) that you need to follow.