What Is Vastu?

Vastu is the Indian science or Culture that deals with Constructing pleasant surroundings to live or conduct work in the best manner possible, using all the scientific means and techniques available. Nature plays a major role when it comes to Vastu Shastra as this architecture is Performed considering the benefits of nature, its heavenly elements, and the energy field for better and enhanced wealth, thinking, health and prosperity. Vastu consultant provides you solutions for any dilemma related to health, wealth, career, marriage, home, etc.

Vastu is the art of designing and creating, considered to make an individual’s life better and filled with happiness. It protects things from going wrong and helps in a stable and well-maintained life.

About Us

The Meaning of Vastu In Sanskrit refers to a building that can be used for multiple purposes like for eg. Buildings can be used as a place for worship, a place to live, marriage houses, etc.

Renu Chopra is a Vastu expert and believes that Vastu is an art and science which completes on its own and if used in the correct manner can bring harmony and prosperity in the place to live and work.

Vastu Shastra is the concept that concentrating on the size, inclination, direction, surroundings and on the temperament of the owner and therefore Shri Astrologer, your Vastu consultant, lays emphasis on all the criteria in order to provide you with every Vastu service after properly researching all the relevant concepts.

We are one of the best Vastu specialists, We focus On all the five major elements of nature and assist you in creating a congenial setting so that you can get the benefits of all the major elements.

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Vastu Services

Shri Astrologer is one of the finest and best Vastu consultants online and is a premier organization that provides you with stop-quality unparalleled Vastu services.

Our journey of assisting you with Vastu Shastra includes the following services-

Vastu for Plot

The choice of a plot or basically a preference is very important under the concept of Vastu.

The decisions are made keeping in mind the positive and negative energies that can originate depending upon the shape, location, soil, direction, aim, slope, etc.

We, as your Vastu consultant, suggest you to consult a Vastu expert at the time of buying a particular plot at a specific location in order to attain good inputs.

With Shri Astrologer you can get Vastu direction in the field of

  • Vastu direction for plot shape
  • Vastu direction for plot location
  • Vastu direction for plot soil
  • Vastu direction for plot direction and aim
  • Vastu direction for plot slope

Vastu for Residential Purposes

Shri Astrologer, a vastu expert,can help you buy optimal homes as per the guidelines for Vastu Shastra.

Our services are furnished after proper alignment of five major elements of nature in order to ensure peace, prosperity and greater success.

Under residential vastu we provide

  • Vastu for kitchen
  • Vastu for bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Vastu for living room and dining room
  • Vastu for drawing room

Under this, solutions for Pooja room, study room, basement, balcony, windows and doors, decision regarding colours are also to be chosen for home.

Vastu for commercial Purposes

With the creation of multiple offices and showrooms almost every one neglects the principles of Vastu.

Taking Vastu services from a well known and trusted Vastu expert can lead to a whole lot of benefits not only in favour of the owner and also towards the occupants.

With Shri Astrologer you can get Vastu direction in the field of

  • Vastu for office
  • Vastu for business
  • Vastu for Institutions, school, hospital
  • Vastu for shop
  • Vastu for hotel, bank, multiplex

Vastu for Industry

Shri Astrologer is a highly known Vastu Shastra consultant equipped with great experience. Believing in Superstitions and its practices are not a part of our book and neither in our services.

Our Vastu principles and concepts will help your industry grow more and enhance in terms of production, movements, sales, import and expert, harmonious working etc.

Vastu for life

Our Vastu services for day to day life guide you on the aspects of career, health, wealth and happiness.

All we want is you to have a relaxed and prosperous life full of happiness.

Why Choose Us

Shri Astrologer, a Vastu specialist is a renowned name in this field and believes in the power of nature and its principles. But for us there is no place for superstitions and hoax rituals. You can totally rely on us when it comes to Vastu as we are highly experienced and are totally mindful of the five basic elements of nature.

Our way of dealing with our clients is very humble and clear and we have a desirous interest to help people out and untangle their problems. Our proficiency and knowledge speaks up for itself and with our Vastu services you’ll see and experience life in a completely new, fresh way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vastu shastra is based on Water, earth, air, fire and space.

The timeline of result is based on what kind of house you live in and how much of bad vastu is present.

Worship can help in creating positive energy in a house. It can create a calming nature in the atmosphere but wrong vastu will affect the house 24*7. When the pooja is over Vastu’s effect will be there.