Virgo Birthstone: What Are the Best Virgo Crystals?

Virgo birthstone

Virgo Birthstone: What Are the Best Virgo Crystals?

Virgo is the twelfth of the sixth zodiac sign, and it represents the traits of being sensible, practical, and loyal. The zodiac sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which is known as the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation. Although Virgo is the earth sign, it also has some negative traits, such as being overly critical, etc., associated with it. However, the negative traits of Virgo can be addressed, and the positive ones can be boosted with Virgo birthstones.

Gemstone carries strong properties and vibration that benefits the body, mind, as well as soul. The strong properties of Virgo birthstones can also help them achieve their desires without hurting themselves or others. Virgos are known to be self-sufficient, modest, and pure. However, they also like to do things their own way rather than depending on someone else, and this trait often drains their energy. Stones for Virgo can not only help them to replenish their energy but also helps them to trust the people around them.

Similar to other zodiac signs, there are also a variety of beneficial crystals for Virgo, but there are also crystals that have polar opposite properties than this zodiac sign. Welcoming a wrong crystal in the life of Virgo can cause disturbance and can also interrupt the energy flow. Let’s take a look at the Virgo birthstones and what benefits they bring.


Sapphire is the birthstone of Virgo and symbolizes focus and calmness. Sapphire is among the Virgo lucky stones as its properties help them to clear their mind and also introduces them to various beneficial opportunities. Moreover, Sapphire also has a gentle vibration that brings positivity and peace in one’s life and also helps one to have a better focus on their dreams.

The Sapphire crystal is associated with the throat chakra and helps the bearer to be better at communication and self-expression. This association also helps Virgo in both their personal and professional life. The properties and vibration of Virgo help the bearer physically, psychologically, as well, as spiritually and also allows for inner healing. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Sapphire enhance the positive traits of Virgo while eliminating the negative ones, and the stone is among the best stones for Virgo women.


Garnet is a known crystal for fiery radiance and life-giving energy. Garnet has a smooth vibration and well-grounded properties that syncs perfectly with the traits of Virgo. The properties of Garnet help Virgos to maintain a spiritual balance and focus on the necessary aspects of life. Moreover, Garnet encourages endless courage and confidence and helps Virgo nurture their positive traits and move towards a more beneficial spot.

The Garnet crystal is associated with the root and the crown chakra and maintains a healthy chakra flow throughout the body. Moreover, the vibration of Garnet crystal also helps the bearer to exit their emotional rollercoaster and focus on things that require their attention. Additionally, the properties of Garnet bring both spiritual and emotional balance to the life of Virgo.


Zircon is one of the talismanic stones and is also one of the Virgo birthstones. Zircon has the Virgo birthstone color and brings various benefits for this zodiac sign to the table. The properties of Zircon increase one’s physical as well as mental strength and also helps the bearer to turn their vision and dreams into reality. Moreover, the Zircon crystal also helps to maintain emotional, physical, and spiritual balance and also brings abundance and prosperity to their life.

Zircon is one of the best Virgo gemstones and is associated with every chakra. Zircon is a powerful stone, and thanks to its association with every chakra, it maintains a healthy spiritual, psychological, and physical balance. Moreover, Zircon also provides the bearer with positive energy while keeping negative ions at bay and is among the best crystals for Virgo men as well as women.


Carnelian is a regal gemstone and has fiery properties that help Virgo to fight their fears and unlock their inner potential. The strong and fiery properties of Carnelian keep Virgos connected with the earth and help them to step outside of their comfort zone. Moreover, Carnelian also provides the bearer with positive energy and helps them not to overwork themselves.

The Carnelian crystal is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs the role of creative expression and emotions, and provides Virgo with creativity and an abundance of love. Moreover, the vibration of Carnelian also increases one’s sweet sense of confidence and helps to maintain a positive flow of energy. Additionally, the vibration and properties of Carnelian also protect the bearer from negative energy and evil spirits.


The Citrine crystal has the same color as sunshine and is known for its association with the sun. Citrine is among the lucky Virgo birthstones as it contains charms and positive energy. The properties of Citrine also help Virgo to put down their sword of expectation and perfectionism and simply let things be. The crystal also promotes vitality and prevents energy depletion, helping Virgos not to exhaust themselves. Additionally, Citrine also increases the passion and courage of Virgos and guides them toward the path of success and wealth.

Citrine is associated with the chakra of the solar plexus and relates to the themes of confidence, energy, and self-control. Moreover, the vibration of Citrine also helps Virgo to excel in both their personal and professional life. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Citrine provide Virgo with a clear mind and helps them to have a better focus.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl and is a potent and protective stone whose traits sync perfectly with Virgo. Black Tourmaline is a known crystal for its protective properties as it wraps a cloak of protection around the bearer’s shoulder. The cloak of protection of Black Tourmaline keeps the bearer safe from evil spirits and negative energies. Moreover, the properties of Black Tourmaline also improves creativity and spiritual and inner healing process.

The Black Tourmaline stone is associated with the root chakra and provides the bearer with security and keeps them connected to the earth. Moreover, the crystal’s association with the root chakra also helps the bearer to connect with higher consciousness. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Black Tourmaline also help the Virgos to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and provide them with positive energy.


Amazonite is a known stone for its gentle and calm vibration and has the same properties as the majestic Amazon river. Although Virgos are known for being pure souls, they often have a no-nonsense attitude which others may not like. The properties of Amazonite help to address this attitude by giving them mental peace and connecting them with the earthly vibes which Virgos often carve for.

Amazonite is one among the Virgo birthstones and is associated with the chakra of the heart and throat. Thanks to this association, the crystal helps Virgos to open their hearts to others and be better at self-expression and communication. Moreover, this association also helps the bearer to connect with higher self-consciousness and understand the truth better rather than creating misunderstandings.


The Peridot stone contains positive energy and is ruled by the planet Mercury which is the same ruling planet as Virgo. Peridot provides Virgo with mental, physical, and spiritual balance and also prevents them from wasting their energy on unnecessary things. Moreover, the Peridot crystal also sharpens the focus of Virgos and helps them to stabilize mood swings, enhancing their memory and helping them to have a better and clear focus on their dreams.

Peridot is one of the Virgo birthstones and is associated with the heart and solar plexus chakra. The association of Peridot with these chakras helps Virgos to bring balance to their mind, body, and spirit. Peridot crystals also keep the bearer connected to the earth and help them to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

What stone should Virgo not wear?

Although there are various crystals that benefit people born under the sign of Virgo, there are also some crystals that can be harmful to Virgos. Topaz and Pukhraj are the crystals that Virgos should stay away from. Topaz and Pukhraj have polar opposite properties to the traits of Virgos and can bring martial disassociation and chaos in their life.

Virgos often have an overly critical nature, and Topaz and Pukhraj can further increase that trait and can cause them to isolate themselves. Moreover, wearing these crystals with other Virgo birthstones can also disbalance their properties and vibration and can lead Virgos toward a chaotic situation.

To conclude

Virgos have a generous spirit and have loyalty toward their friends, family, lover, and dreams. The zodiac sign of Virgo is known to bring warmth in their life as well as in the lives of people around them. Virgo birthstones can help them to be better at what they are doing and also nurtures their humble, practical, and industrious personality. Moreover, Virgo gemstones also help them to address their negative traits.

The gemstones for Virgo also provide one with spiritual, emotional, and physical balance and helps to chase their dreams and desires in a much more effective manner. Moreover, gemstones also provide Virgos with positive energy and remove negative ions, and also introduces good fortune and unconditional love to their life.

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