What Could a Dream of Dead Fish Mean?

dream of dead fish

What Could a Dream of Dead Fish Mean?

Dreams related to fish are generally regarded as a sign of good health, wealth, and happiness. Moreover, the symbolic meaning of dreams about fish has a positive interpretation which can mean success, luck, and joy in both the personal and professional life of the dreamer. However, a dream of dead fish can flip symbolism meaning a bit and can be associated with negativity and bad luck.

Dreams of dead fish can have different meanings and can significantly impact the dreamer’s waking life. However, that does not necessarily mean that a bad future awaits you. How you perceive dead fish and how they appear in your dream might be connected with your daily life. So, for a better understanding, let’s get into a bit more detail.

Symbolism Meaning of Dreaming of Dead Fish

The symbolic meaning of the dream of dead fish may be interpreted differently, but points toward the same direction of negativity and can mean:

Emotion or financial loss: Dream of dead fish can show the grief and pain of losing someone close to you. Both your conscious and subconscious mind can emotionally suffer from the loss of a close one and can show you the dream of dead fish. Moreover, a loss in business or an investment failure can also cause these types of dreams.

Poor health: Dream of dead fish is mostly regarded as a bad omen and can also mean poor or rapidly declining health. Poor health can be caused due to a bad diet and you should take active measures to maintain your physical and mental health.

Stress and disappointment: Dead fish in dreams is often a symbolic representation of the stress and disappointment of the dreamer’s waking life. You might be feeling this way because of some personal and professional situations that might be getting out of hand.

Inability to act: Being unproductive is also a dead fish dream meaning. The inability to act is not limited to being active daily; it can also mean that you are in a position where you cannot provide emotional or financial support to your friends or family.

Difficult times ahead: Symbolism meaning of the dead fish dream can also represent the difficulties waiting in the near future for the dreamer. These dreams can be a warning sign to re-evaluate any plans you have made in your personal or professional life.

Dreams of Fishing For Dead Fish

These types of dreams are usually related to the professional life of the dreamer and can mean that the dreamer has realized that their job or goal is not very meaningful and might not bring any good to their life. Moreover, these dreams can also mean that the dreamer is disappointed with their work or goal and is afraid to start something new.

However, on the positive side, dreaming of fishing for dead fish is a good sign for changing your profession and making new goals in your life.

Dreams of dead and rotten fish

These types of dreams represent conflicts with others; for example, you might be having problems with your friends or family due to jealousy and difference. These kinds of dreams can also be signs of conflicts in the upcoming future and can also indicate permanent breakouts in relationships.

To avoid these cases, you should address the issues that benefit everyone.

Dreams of dead and frozen fish

Coldness and lifelessness can be indicated by these sorts of dreams. These dreams represent the feeling of your current situation, or perhaps you are stuck with someone that you need to let go of. While on the other hand, dreams of dead and frozen fish also mean loyalty, dedication, and determination.

To sum it up, these types of dreams can mean that you need to eliminate your negative thoughts and try out new things and focus more on your life, rather than on someone else’s.

Dreams of touching a dead fish

These sorts of dreams can mean that you may get into a conflict with a loved one. Moreover, the size of the fish you touched can represent how big the future issue will be. For example, touching a small dead fish can mean a small argument that you will get over within a small duration of time while touching a big dead fish can signify an overwhelming problem that might seem impossible to get through.

Dreams of multicolored dead fish

Seeing multicolored dead fish in dreams can represent hard times and negativity in the present and the upcoming future. It can also be taken as an alerting sign that some of your friends are going to betray you. However, if you see a dead fish with golden streaks in your dream, then it can mean that you will soon be presented with a great opportunity in your waking life.

Dreams of many dead fishes

Although most dreams of dead fish are associated with negativity, the dreams of many dead fishes have a positive outlook on the dreamer’s waking life. These dreams may represent solutions to certain problems and upcoming profitable opportunities that you should not miss. Furthermore, these dreams can also mean that you can get past the problems and worries you are stuck with.

Dreams of dead fish in an aquarium

These types of dreams represent that things are not going the way you want them to, and you might feel like you are losing control of your life. In relationships, these dreams can mean that you can get into an argument with your partner, and you need to rethink the goals of your relationship.

These dreams also indicate that some things are better left unsaid and alone. However, you need to be careful as it may trouble you in the future and those around you.

Dreams of dying fish

If you see a fish dying right in front of your eyes in a dream, then it can indicate that you are neglecting or handling certain tasks wrongly. You may be procrastinating on personal or professional issues, which can affect the quality of your work and can even create problems in the future. To avoid those problems, take some steps back and rethink your decisions, and double-check your work.

Dreams of eating a dead fish

Although eating a dead fish in a dream may sound unpleasant, it has positive meanings, especially when you are deciding to switch careers. It does not matter whether you are vegetarian or not. These types of dreams represent a new and successful beginning. All in all, dreams of eating a dead fish are a good omen to start something new and exciting.

Things to do after dreaming of dead fish

There is no need to panic if you have a dream of dead fish or have often dreamed of these types. These kinds of dreams can be warning signs to you of the challenges or issues in the near future. You can use these signals to prepare yourself for what lies ahead and can improve things that might be going in the wrong direction.

However, dreams are not always related to reality; they are sometimes a glimpse of what you saw or heard. It is important to understand that conceiving your dream might not always be worth your time.


There are more negative interpretations of the dream of dead fish than positive ones. The interpretation of dreams can also vary depending on the physical and mental health of the dreamer. The meaning can further vary depending on what happened in the dream and what symbols the dreamer remembers.

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