What Do Dreams About Snakes Mean?

dreams about snakes

What Do Dreams About Snakes Mean?

Showing curiosity towards strange, interesting, or unpleasant dreams is common, especially when those dreams start to occur often. Dreams about snakes are also one of the most common dreams and can have more significant meanings hidden within them.

Dreams about snakes are pretty common, and as a matter of fact, they are the most common type of animal dreams. Even though these dreams are some of the most common, interpreting them can be difficult as they might come in different ways.

Seeing snake in dream can give you a general idea of what’s about to come and how you may prevent the worst-case scenarios. Let’s dive into a bit more detail for a better understanding.

Being chased by a snake in a dream

These types of dreams can be conceived as a warning sign to be more aware of your surroundings as someone might betray, infidelity, or meddle with your affairs. The size of the snake could also indicate how big the issue will be. In some cases, being chased by a snake in a dream could also represent that the dreamer is running away from an important matter. If you saw a big snake in dream, then it can mean that a much more troubled future awaits you.

Dream of being bitten by a snake

The most common interpretation of these dreams can be that the dreamer needs physical healing (not emotional). The dreamer might be suffering from a disease or might be in a toxic relationship. If the snake that bit the dreamer is not poisonous, then it can be conceived as a shot of healing serum. While on the other hand, if the snake is poisonous, then it might mean that the dreamer will face various physical problems in the future, which can also lead them to emotional disruption.

Dream of a snake on you

If you had a dream where a snake climbed your leg or was wrapped around your chest or the whole body can mean that you are carrying something(s) that are holding you back from achieving your desires. It can also be conceived as a sign of imbalance somewhere in the dreamer’s body. While the other common interpretation of this dream can mean that the dreamer needs physical healing around the area where the snake is wrapped.

Dreaming of a snake in your house

Snake dream meaning can correlate with someone you feel intimate with. While on the other hand, these dreams can also signify that you are tired and having trouble sleeping. Moreover, these dreams can also be considered as the “gut feeling” you have about someone invading your privacy. The snake in the dream can represent someone who is bothering you. Moreover, these dreams can also represent your inner feelings that cloud your judgement and result in poor decisions.

Dreams of a snake at work

The dream interpretations of snakes can differ depending on where you see the snake. And seeing a snake at work has a different meaning than seeing a snake at home in a dream. The common interpretation of these dreams can be that you don’t trust your coworkers. Another common interpretation of these dreams can be that your work is not setting well with you.

Dreaming about snakes everywhere

If you dream about snakes apocalypse, meaning seeing snakes everywhere around you. Then it can represent the conscious and subconscious emotions of the dreamers. Poisonous behaviour and a toxic or dirty mindset is the common cause of these dreams and can mean that the dreamer needs to be optimistic. However, certain movies and shows can also cause you to see lots of snakes in dreams.

Seeing a rattlesnake in dreams

Even though you might not have ever seen a rattlesnake outside of your screen, the different breeds of snakes can occur in your dreams. Rattlesnakes in dreams can indicate that someone is trying to meddle with your affairs, and you need to pay more attention to your surroundings to spot them. Moreover, dreams of rattlesnakes can also be considered as the “gut feeling” of something that is about to happen.

Seeing a cobra in a dream

Cobras are some of the most aggressive snakes and have various species. Seeing them in dreams can have various yet straightforward meanings. These dreams usually represent strength, fear, creativity, protection, sexual urges, wisdom, confidence, transformation, or wickedness. Although these are various emotions of both the conscious and subconscious mind, conceiving them is much easier than it looks. Seeing a cobra in dream can tell you about your future emotions and how you should deal with them.

Dreaming of snakes in water

Dreaming of snakes in waterAlthough most of the dreams about snakes have negative meanings, the dreams of snakes in the water have a positive symbolic meaning which can mean life and rebirth. There are various breeds of snakes that live in water, and even though you might know what breed of snake you saw in your dream, it can still be interpreted as a sign of life and rebirth. The other common interpretation of these dreams can also be that the dreamer is ready to do something big in order to achieve their desires.

Seeing dead snake in dreams

You might have had a dream of a dead snake, and it might have seemed unpleasant, but these dreams hold signs of good omen. As unpleasant as it may sound, seeing dead snake in dream represents good life force energy. Moreover, these dreams can also indicate that the dreamer’s conscious and subconscious emotions might evolve, which will help them to be a better version of themselves. These dreams can also mean that the dreamer’s pursuit to achieve their desires will likely receive success.

The symbolic meaning of dreams about snakes

Just like every other dream, dreams of snakes also have symbolic meanings attached to them. Although the snake symbolism in dream can differ, most of these dreams usually represent the dirty, toxic, or poisonous behaviour of the dreamer. However, some of the dreams about snakes also have a positive symbolic meaning attached to them, such as transformation, creativity, and fertility. Dreams of snakes in the water are common examples of positive symbolism.

Spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams

Similar to their symbolic representation, snakes in dreams also have both positive and negative spiritual omens attached to them. Most of the dreams about snakes have negative spiritual meanings attached to them, which represent the bad behaviour and judgments of the dreamer. While on the other hand, the positive interpretation of these dreams can be that dreamer will achieve their desires.

Are dreams of snakes good or bad

Although most of the interpretations of snake dreams are negative, the don’t necessarily mean “bad.” If not anything else, these dreams can be considered as signs to avoid certain situations. Dreams of snakes can come in various forms that go from seeing a dead snake to seeing a whole family of snakes. However, all of them can have different meanings and can also significantly impact the dreamer’s waking life.

To sum it up, the dreams of snakes are one of the most common types of animal dreams, and these dreams cannot be put in either category of good or bad. The meaning of these dreams can also differ depending on how the dreamer perceives snakes and how they unravel these dreams.

To conclude

Although many might be afraid of snakes or might have never seen one outside of their screens, they still can have dreams of these kinds. And as said earlier, these dreams are neither good nor bad but can still have a significant impact on the dreamer’s waking life.

Moreover, the meaning of these dreams can significantly change depending on the dreamer’s mental and physical health and how they interpret these dreams. However, you should keep in mind that these dreams can also be caused due to certain movies and shows that might have zero connection with reality and might not be worth unravelling.

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