What Does Dreaming of Cats Mean?

dreaming of cats

What Does Dreaming of Cats Mean?

Weird things can pop up in your dream, which can also include cats. Not only are cats a common household pet, but they have also been a dream theme for thousands of years. Cats are well-established in mythology and spiritualism, so dreaming of cats is not uncommon.

There is usually a connection between seeing cats in dreams and the way the dreamer perceives cats. It may be enjoyable to be around cats for some people, but it may be repulsive for others. Moreover, the portrayal of cats in dreams can also mean the things a dreamer may experience both consciously and subconsciously.

What Does Psychology Say About Cat Dream Meaning?

Dreams of cats tend to be related to the emotional side of the dreamer as they usually revolve around introversion, synchronicity, archetypes psychology, and other parts of the subconscious mind. Not only cats but most animals are often portrayed as the dreamer’s subconscious and conscious self; this can reveal the part of an unknown side that one might not even be aware of.

In psychology, the dreams of cats can also mean that the desires and urges we consciously make are unacceptable and can affect our minds and relationships with our loved ones.

Seeing cat in dream can also be perceived as a mysterious intuition of something that is about to happen. To put it simply, the dreams of cats are often symbols of intuition which is also known as the “gut feeling” of knowing something.

Dreaming of Cats and Their Symbolic Representation

Seeing a cat in dreams is common and can also be represented symbolically with the indifferent feeling that comes and goes as it pleases. The feeling that comes and goes does sound a lot like animals, especially cats. The symbolic representation of cats also tells you about your intuitions.

The symbolic involvement of cats in dreams can also give you an idea of your subconscious thoughts for the upcoming days.

Seeing Cats in Dreams May Represent

  • Independence and confidence
  • Feminine energy
  • Spirituality
  • Someone might be lying to you
  • Intuitions
  • Misfortune or feeling overwhelmed
  • Loneliness
  • You might need to face an unresolved fear

Independence and Confidence

According to psychology, cat dreams often represent the desire of wanting more independence and feeling an urge of confidence in which you can do something alone. In some cases, it may feel like that you rely too much on others and cannot make a stand with your own activities.

To figure it out, try to remember the elements of your dream. If you remember everything clearly, then you are in a good spot, and if you are having a difficult time remembering, then there might be something that is holding you back.

Feminine Energy

Dreaming of cats has represented feminine energy for a long time. If the cat that came into your dream is happy, then it means that your feminine energy is good and balanced. However, if the cat is unhappy or sad, then your feminine energy might be out of balance.

Dream of cats can also indicate that the feminine energy in your life may be out of balance because of your friends or partner(s).


It is believed that many animals can detect spiritual pressure, especially cats. Moreover, in many countries, it is believed that cats can deliver messages of spirit via dreams, especially when you need protection or luck.

Someone Might Be Lying to You.

Having consistent dreams of cats might mean that there is some shady behavior going on in your day-to-day life. Cunning lies are difficult to detect, but if cats are often making appearances in your dream, then you should try to be a bit attentive to your surroundings because someone might be lying to you, which might get you in some trouble later.


Intuition can be powerfully expressed by the appearance of a cat in a dream. Similar to a cat, your intuitions are always there but are often hidden beneath the subconscious mind. Moreover, dreaming of cats can also mean that there is something that you don’t want to reveal to anyone. It can be either because of shame or lack of confidence in fully expressing oneself.

However, unlike cats, intuitions in humans are not predictable and cannot be trained or contained. Paying attention to the cat’s appearance can give you an idea of how well you are tuning your intuitions.

Misfortune or Feeling Overwhelmed.

Although the dreams of cats are often represented as the symbol of self-resilience, there is an exception to it. An appearance of a helpless little kitten may represent the feeling of being vulnerable and overwhelmed. If this is the case for you, then be more attentive to your surroundings and don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Moreover, if you are having dreams of many cats/kittens or a cat giving birth might mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by chaos or confusion around you and might get struck with misfortune.


It may suggest that you are feeling free and independent if you dream of a cat in the woods or mountains. However, there is an exception to it which might mean that your conscious and subconscious mind may be lonely if you have this type of dream. It can also mean that you are in a dangerous or difficult place which will require a lot of courage to get by.

To sum it up, loneliness can easily make any place difficult to adapt to. You can talk to your family or a trustworthy friend, or you can even talk to a specialist to overcome loneliness.

You Might Need to Face an Unresolved Fear.

Fears can be of anything like heights or of not completing your reports till the end date. However, there are various fears that we ought to forget about, and they later become something bizarre. If you are having dreams of a black cat, then it might mean that there is an unresolved fear that you need to face.

On the other hand, dreams of white cats can mean that you might be facing a tough time. The dreams of other colors or spotted cats are signs of rampant creativity and that something good is about to happen to you.

To Conclude

Your dreams about cats can symbolize a variety of things, from a strong connection to your subconscious to your conscious perception of the opposite gender.

Dreams of cats are not determined by whether or not you are a cat person. If a dream confuses you or disappoints you, then try to connect the dream with your waking life to figure out whether the dream is worth your time or not.

The subconscious mind of humans also tries to shine a light on issues that might be holding you back; these messages are often relayed via dreams and can cause dreaming of cats and other animals.

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