What Does Dreaming of Feces Mean?

dreaming of feces

What Does Dreaming of Feces Mean?

In our waking life, we frequently question the meaning of dreams, especially the ones that are unsettling, such as dreaming of feces. Although dreams about defecating can be embarrassing, these dreams hold beneficial meaning for the dreamer.

Although it is a fairly common dream, it comes in various forms and can significantly impact the dreamer’s life, depending on how they conceive these dreams. For a better understanding, let’s go into a bit more detail.

The symbolism of dreaming of feces

Although dreams of poop can be unsettling, the symbolic and biblical meaning of feces in a dream is prosperity and good fortune. Unexpected gains and achievements of desired things are yet another interpretation of dreaming of feces. These dreams usually indicate money, replenishment at home, and the start of a joyful occasion.

Furthermore, the symbolic signs of these dreams also indicate good health and the achievement of tasks that once appeared impossible. For those in the service sector, these dreams can mean that a fantastic deal will come to them.

Dreaming of feces can mean money in the agriculture industry, as they point to a bountiful harvest. these dreams also represent good health and a better upcoming time for farmers and other workers in the agricultural industry. Animal waste in a dream can also indicate the beginning of a successful journey, project, or investment.

Additionally, these dreams can also be a sign of receiving a bonus or making good money with a trusty friend or family member. However, dreams of animal excretion also represent animosity and can be a sign of arguments, disputes, or breakdown in relationships.

However, feces dream meaning are not always positive; sometimes, these dreams can mean that your relationships are strained and might break down. These types of dreams can also indicate that someone is trying to meddle in your life and might cause problems for you. To avoid these situations, you will need to be more attentive to your surroundings and ignore unnecessary advice and talks.

The general meaning of feces dreams

Seeing feces in dreams can easily make anyone feel ill, but pursuing these dreams can mean promotion, success, and things that the dreamer desires. Although the general meaning of these dreams is wealth and status, they also represent illness and conflicts.

Dreaming of feces can also be seen as an act of cleansing or eliminating negativity, unhealthy habits, and poisonous individuals. Furthermore, these dreams can also point toward unexpected windfalls.

The dreams of feces are some of the most typical types of dreams and can drastically impact the dreamer’s waking life depending on their physical and mental status and depending on how they pursue these dreams.

What causes dreams of feces


Most dreams are games that our subconscious mind plays with us, and dreams of feces are no exception. However, obstinacy is another common cause of these dreams; you might be ignoring peoples’ advice or going against the flow without even being aware of it, and dreaming of feces can be a sign of it.


Poop-related dreams are often caused due to certain situations and sickness. Although sickness is yet another common cause of these dreams, it does not mean that the dreamer’s situation is life-threatening; these dreams can also be caused due to a minor stomach ache and fever.


A lack of sleep can give birth to anxiety, and anxiety can mess with one’s quality of sleep. This vicious cycle can go on and on and can cause a person to dream of feces. In these cases, these dreams might have no connection with reality but can affect the dreamer’s sleep and can give them an unsettling feeling.

What do dreams of cleaning feces mean?

These sorts of dreams can have a significant connection with the dreamer’s waking life and can mean that something in their life is useless to them, and eliminating or forgetting them will be the key to achieving things desired. There might be certain people that are holding you back, or you might be relying too much on others.

What does dreaming of feces in a toilet mean?

Whether you are dreaming of feces on the floor or in the toilet, they both indicate that your life might be getting out of control. These dreams may also indicate that some choices you made in the past might turn into something bizarre in the future.

What do dreams of eating feces mean?

Dreams about defecating can be unsettling, and dreaming about eating feces can easily make the dreamer feel ill at ease. However, these dreams might be highly connected with the dreamer’s waking life and can mean that they will face undesirable situations. Moreover, dream of eating feces can be a wake-up call for the dreamer to fix their emotional instability.

Are poop dreams good or bad?

Although many might find dreaming of feces repulsive, these dreams can also be considered a way to eliminate dirt from the subconscious mind. Moreover, you can follow an endless vicious cycle to clean the subconscious mind, but the result might not be as good as these dreams.

All in all, dreams can be either considered good or bad, depending on the dreamer’s mental and physical health and depending on how they conceive these dreams. Dreaming of poop might sound inadequate, but they are often considered a good omen to start something new.

To conclude

An average person can have up to four to six dreams per night. Remembering everyone might not be possible, but dreams that are unsettling or interesting tend to leave an impression on the dreamer’s mind. Although they might not remember the whole dream, the little threads of those dreams can be connected with reality and can give the dreamer a glimpse of the upcoming future.

Most dreams are notes that the subconscious mind took of our waking life. Although these notes are taken from things happening around us, they might not be related to reality. However, some dreams are often connected with reality; this also includes dreaming of feces.

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