What Does Dreams of Being Chased Means?

Dreams of Being Chased

What Does Dreams of Being Chased Means?

Dreaming about being chased means that your unconsciousness is telling you to avoid an issue or a person. In such a type of dream, more importance is given to context which includes identifying the chaser. Who is chasing you matters? Getting followed by an angry lion, tiger, or emu? The time of the attack often symbolizes a wave of anger that we’re repressing. 

Dream about wild animals chasing me:

Dreaming about wild animals chasing you can indicate built-up anger that is trying to release itself from your unconscious mind. The dream might be trying to show you that you need to find a way to release your rage so that it doesn’t uncontrollably manifest itself. Dreaming about being chased by a particular animal can represent an aspect of yourself that you are trying to run away from. This dream can indicate certain aspects of yourself that you don’t want to admit, and are harmful to you and others around you. Animal bite dreams can also indicate that there is someone around you who doesn’t have good intentions for you.

Dream of being chased by a lion:

If you had a dream of being chased by lions or a single lion, then it symbolizes your inner struggles. This dream can also indicate the need to avoid personal problems. You must confront what you’re feeling. While dreaming, if a lion suddenly appears in front of you, it means you’re scared of someone or something in waking life. To be chased by a lion in your dreams may indicate a warning to stop avoiding your emotions and show how you feel about someone or something. In such a dream, it can be revealed that you have inner issues and difficulties that you’re not dealing with. It also reminds you that you should take the time to get to know yourself or others better. I do think that being chased by a lion can imply that your power is being challenged.

Dream of being chased by a dog:

Dreams of being chased, in general, can indicate anxiety, restlessness, and fear. It also indicates that you have troubles and pressure in the heart. This kind of dream also reflects that you want to escape.

Dreams of being chased by a dog can reveal that you’re taking someone’s trust and loyalty for granted. A dog chase could simply represent the fact that you are being chased by a friend, and a new friendship will prevail. If you dream of being chased by a dog, this indicates the feeling of guilt due to some immoral thing done by you, improper words, some deeds which led to damage, or a villain makes you get into trouble. Dreaming of a dog chasing you and you are feeling afraid indicates that you are trying to escape and being affected by some bad things.

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