What is Selenite Crystal? Meaning, Healing Properties, & Benefits

selenite Crystal

What is Selenite Crystal? Meaning, Healing Properties, & Benefits

Selenite crystal is a member of the gypsum family and has a pale color, soothing vibration, and properties. The crystal has been used throughout various traditions across the centuries due to Selenite crystal properties. Moreover, Selenite has various strong healing properties that allowed it to find its way into the modern era.

Selenite is also known as a spiritual stone as it cleanses negative energy from one’s body and soul while restoring positive ions. There are multiple Selenite crystal uses, from making one thrive in their career to making one attain peace. Let’s take a closer look at the crystal to know whether it can be beneficial for you or not.

What is the Selenite crystal?

Selenite is a known crystal for peace, serenity, and sweet consciousness and has a crystal clear look from its raw form. Thanks to Selenite’s clear look, gentle vibrations, and soothing properties, the crystal is also known as the stone of purity. Moreover, calmness and optimism are also Selenite crystal meanings.

The Selenite crystal has a strong historical presence and also has profound spiritual implications. Additionally, the crystal also evokes divine feminine and deep rejuvenation energy that allows it to live up to the Selenite meaning.

Selenite crystal benefits

Selenite is a strong crystal and has well-grounded properties and vibrations that help the bearer physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Selenite stone is also considered as a powerful healer and offers multiple benefits. The main benefits provided by Selenite healing properties are:

  • Peace and calm.
  • Clarity.
  • Increases intuitions.
  • Promotes connection and mutual trust.
  • Enhances manifestation power.
  • Clears blocked energy.

Selenite healing properties

Selenite crystal has gentle vibration that helps to maintain a positive flow of energy throughout the body. The gentle vibration of Selenite also helps in calming all the rushing thoughts inside the mind. Selenite has strong healing properties that benefit the bearer both physically and psychologically and allows them to enter a place of calm.

The Selenite crystal carries divine energy that helps to heal skeletal issues and can even reverse free radical damage to cell structure. Moreover, the properties of Selenite crystal can even help a person to feel a new flush of energy in their body. Selenite crystal also helps to maintain that healthy flow of energy while keeping the negative ions at bay.

The Selenite crystal also invites honesty, purity, and forgiveness in the long run while keeping the bearer emotionally balanced. Moreover, the properties of Selenite lower one’s emotional burden and helps them in relieving anxiety, depression, and stress. Additionally, the calm vibration of Selenite also gifts the bearer with mental clarity and helps them to focus on the future rather than scratching the past.

Selenite metaphysical benefits

There are various Selenite crystal benefits as it has strong healing powers. The properties of Selenite shine brightly in the metaphysical domain. Selenite crystal metaphysical properties work closely with higher chakras, such as the crown and the third eye chakra, and allow the bearer to be open to new ideas and have much clearer communication. Moreover, Selenite crystal is also associated with the chakra of the heart, helping the user to be healthy and open.

The properties of Selenite stone also allow the bearer to connect with sublime spirit guides and also helps in cleansing the negative aura from the bearer. The main metaphysical properties of Selenite crystal are:

Promotes Calm and Peace

The Selenite crystal vibrates at a very gentle level and is among the most powerful crystals in the universe. In addition to its gentle vibration, the crystal also carries calm and peaceful energies that allow the bearer to enter a state of calm in this competitive world and also allows to restore peace wherever needed. Calm and peace are also the Selenite meaning and uses.

Clears Blocked Energy

Selenite is one of the strongest healing crystals in the universe, and thanks to its properties and vibration, it clears blocked energy from the bearer’s body and soul. Moreover, the crystal can also be used to elevate the spirit. The Selenite crystal blocked energy can be used to clear the blocked energy from:

  • Your body.
  • Your home.
  • Your belongings.
  • Other crystals and stones.

Provides Clarity

In addition to calm and peace, the properties and vibration of Selenite also provide the bearer with clarity and allows them to get a much higher focus on the major aspects of life. Selenite also helps the bearer to get out of sticky situations and to figure out which path they should take.

Increase Positive Energy

Selenite is a known crystal to boost positive energy, and as a matter of fact, increasing positive energy is among the Selenite meaning and healing properties. The Selenite crystal maintains a healthy flow of energy throughout the body, and even when the bearer runs out of energy, the crystal helps to restore positive ions.

Selenite crystal zodiac birthstone

Selenite crystal is the birthstone of the zodiac sign of Taurus. The crystal represents peace, serenity, and sweet consciousness which are the traits that Taurus often falls short in. Moreover, Selenite also helps them to remove their “Dare we say” personality and also helps them to be calm in the toughest of situations.

The Selenite crystal also helps Taureans to grow wings and grab more achievements in both their personal and professional life. Selenite has a peaceful nature and a perfect balance between feminine and masculine energy that can make Taureans feel luxury, play, and creative awakening.

How to use Selenite crystal?

Selenite has strong properties that can heal one both physically and emotionally, make them thrive in personal and professional life, and can give them calm and peace. Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of Selenite crystal can use it. In order to welcome the Selenite crystal properties, you can either wear it as an accessory or can place it in your home or office.


Selenite is a known crystal for accessories and is used throughout the world for that sole purpose. Using Selenite crystal as a stone won’t harm any of its properties or vibration. Wearing crystal as an accessory will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the crystals throughout the day, no matter where you go.

Additionally, wearing Selenite as an accessory will also allow the bearer to maintain a healthy flow of energy, cleansing aura, cleaning negative energy, and connecting to a much higher level of consciousness. Moreover, keeping the stone attached to one’s body will also help in maintaining a healthy flow of chakra and relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

Home or Office

Selenite crystal can be placed in the office or home or in both places. The stone’s positive properties and gentle vibration will cleanse all the negative energies available in the threshold and will also allow the people under its shade to relieve mental stress and get a much better concentration.

The Selenite crystal prevents toxic energies from entering the home or office and allows the people around that area to enter a place of calm and soaked in pure white light.

How to cleanse Selenite crystal?

Although Selenite is a strong stone and has robust healing properties and gentle vibration, similar to all other things, Selenite also requires cleansing. The properties of Selenite can be highly beneficial for one but can become dull. However, cleansing Selenite is neither difficult nor requires much time.

The best way to cleanse Selenite crystal is by working the surface of the stone with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a bowl of warm and clear water. However, do not use any chemicals while cleaning the crystal as they may affect its properties as well as vibration.

In order to charge the properties of Selenite crystal, leaving it beneath the moonlight for an hour is one of the best ways. Moreover, a charged Selenite crystal can also be used to charge the properties of other crystals.

To Conclude

Selenite is among the heavenly stones and can help one to access higher energies. There are various Selenite benefits, and peace and calmness are the general Selenite stone meaning.

The Selenite crystal has a strong historical presence, and even in the modern era, the stone is used throughout the world. The crystal helps the bearer to relieve mental stress, anxiety, and depression and also allows both the body and the soul to relax.

Additionally, the metaphysical properties of Selenite crystal also allow the bearer to take a moment to gather their thoughts in the fast-paced world. Moreover, the stone can increase one’s perspective regarding various things and can also help one to achieve their desires.

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