North East Bedroom Vastu Remedies- Shriastrolger

north east bedroom vastu remedies

North East Bedroom Vastu Remedies- Shriastrolger

North-East Bedroom Vastu Remedies – Complete Guide

Bedroom is one of the most integral parts of our house. A research study shows that we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedroom. Hence, it is important to have it in the right location along with proper arrangement. Most of the people prefer not to have a north east bedroom in your house. We tell you about north-east bedroom vastu remedies as it is considered as an unlucky or not very auspicious place to have good things. Anything which is placed in this part seems to have opposite effects on house as well as family.

Defects in North-East direction | North East Bedroom vastu remedies:

Before we reveal the north east direction bedroom remedies, it is important for you to know why North-East direction is powerful. It is the direction of God which is ruled by planet Jupiter and guided by Lord Shiva. This direction is one of the most powerful, progressive, and energetic direction of the house.

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It radiates maximum amount of positive energy which provides abundance of health, wealth, and prosperity to your family. But why is it avoided when it comes to having bedroom in this direction?

Apart from the beneficial facts about north-east direction, you must know that any issues in this direction will surely bring immense bad luck and problems to your home. All your positive steps will suddenly show opposite results of what you initially expect. If not taken care of properly, it may turn out to be your misfortune in all walks of life. There are innumerable ways in which north-east direction can have defects in your home. It may be because of your septic tank, bedroom, toilet, etc. in that direction.

North East bedroom vastu remedies:

Now that you know about the possible issues which may occur due to having bedroom in this direction, it is important to know about the remedies also. Given below are some north-east bedroom vastu remedies that you can do without demolition of your house.

  • First of all you must prepare a map of your entire house properly and consult an expert astrologer. Before adopting any remedial measures, you must make sure that it is good for your relationship, family, as well as health.
  • There is yantra available exclusively for bedrooms situated in north-east direction. You must get it from an astrologer and place it in your bedroom. This will energize your room with positive vibes and you will feel the difference in short time.
  • There is a box available which is known to have positive energy in it. You must place it in your bedroom and this will definitely reduce the anxiety and stress which you facing on daily basis.
  • You keep a yellow theme for your bedroom and this will keep it bright. This will help you in getting rid of the negativity which is causing problems in your married life.

North East Bedroom vastu remedies:

  • Lavender aroma is good for fighting against Vastu defects in north-east direction. You can have incense stick, dhoop, or room spray of this flavor. This will show you the practical results.
  • You can also keep a bowl full of sea salt in your bedroom. Salts are always known to be the medium which absorbs all the negativity and defects in your house.
  • You can also keep a picture of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi in your bedroom. They will fight against all the odds which are coming in your ways.
  • A Hanuman flag or Dhwaja can be placed if there is balcony attached to your bedroom in this direction.

Why you need north east bedroom vastu remedies:

  • You will not find peace in your marriage or relationship with your partner. For some reason you will not feel that happiness in your bond.
  • Unreasonable quarrels and differences will be there between the couples.
  • Love as well as sexual life remains disturbed for a long time.
  • Consistent problems will occur in conception as well as pregnancy.
  • If the above symptoms are avoided for a longer period, it may lead to major differences between husband and wife. In extreme cases it may lead to divorce also.
  • It becomes easy to influence the couples and they lose their identity and decision making power easily.
  • It brings loss of wealth and obstacles in all the works which are planned properly.
  • There may be health issues also such as migraine, head injury in accidents, brain hemorrhage, depression, etc. Apart from this you will also have problems in kidney, blood, and vision.
  • There will be wastage of money, increase in debt, and also bankruptcy in extreme cases.
  • Constant misunderstanding and clashes are seen between the couples.

Hence, all these north east bedroom vastu remedies will help you in overcoming the obstacles posed due to defects in north-east direction of your house. Make sure you examine the house properly before occupying it. Astrology is all about stars and sometimes these simple remedies may fail in solving your problems.


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