May Birthstone: Emerald | Color, Meaning & History

May Birthstone

May Birthstone: Emerald | Color, Meaning & History

People who are born in the month of May are often trustworthy, intelligent, and connected to the earth, and these traits can be further refined with the May birthstone Emerald. Emerald is a type of beryl mineral and carries grounded properties with a strong vibration that provides numerous benefits to May borns.

Emerald is a regal gemstone and has a strong connection with the history of various cultures. Besides enhancing the positive traits of May borns, the properties of Emerald also address the negative traits of people born during this month and also provide them with a constant flow of positive energy. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Emeralds also keep the bearer safe against negative energies, evil spirits, and other impurities. Let’s take a closer look at the May birthstone to see what other benefits it brings to the table.

Emerald Meaning

Wit, eloquence, and foresight are the emerald birthstone meaning and is also known as the king of jewels. Moreover, prosperity, wealth, and power are the symbolic May birthstone meaning.

Emerald is a regal gemstone that carries robust metaphysical properties that enhance one’s intellect, self-esteem, and judgment. Moreover, the metaphysical properties carried by Emerald also safeguard the bearer against negativity and impurities and helps them to enter a safe and secure environment.

Emerald healing properties

Emerald is a well-known stone for its healing benefits as it carries grounded properties and a strong vibration that provides emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to the bearer. Let’s take a closer look at the May stone’s healing properties to understand its benefits.

Emotional healing properties

The properties of Emerald provide a boost to the May born confidence and a sense of purpose in life. Moreover, the Emerald stone also helps the bearer to find their inner strength as well as provides them with a sense of clarity, providing them with a calm mind and helping them to focus on their dreams and desires.

The Emerald May birthstone carries a strong vibration that helps the bearer to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional issues. Furthermore, the Emerald stone also sharpens the bearer’s intellect and judgment skills, helping them to make beneficial decisions in both their personal and professional life. Additionally, the May gemstone also promotes one’s sense of purpose in life and helps them to stay focused and true to their dreams.

Physical healing properties

People born in the month of May are known for their enthusiastic nature, and the physical properties of Emeralds further refine that nature while keeping the bearer connected with the earth. The strong vibration of Emerald keeps the bearer optimistic and enhances their physical glow while maintaining healthy blood circulation. Moreover, the vibration of Emeralds also boosts the bearer’s immune system and helps them to relieve headaches.

The physical healing properties of Emeralds also strengthen and heal the heart and kidneys while promoting neurological function. Additionally, the physical healing properties of Emeralds also help in anti-aging while improving fertility.

Spiritual healing properties

The Emerald stone is known for carrying a deep sigh of relief that provides one with balance and helps to maintain a healthy physical and spiritual well-being. Moreover, the Emerald stone is associated with the heart chakra and promotes one’s spiritual development.

This association helps the bearer to develop self-love and also helps them to open themselves to others. Additionally, the association also allows the bearer to truly connect with the natural world while keeping their spiritual balance.

The spiritual healing properties of Emeralds also help the bearer to attain a higher level of self-consciousness while its strong vibration provides the bearer with a constant flow of positive energy. Additionally, the stone also helps the bearer to connect with spiritual guides to overcome hurdles in their life.

Emerald zodiac sign

May is the Emerald month birthstone, and smartness, ambitiousness, and trustworthiness are the common traits shared by people born under this month. May is the month of the zodiac sign of Taurus, and the properties and vibration of Emerald nurture the earthly-connected nature of Taureans. Moreover, the Emerald gemstone provides Taureans with an abundance of positive energy and helps them to find their inner strength without exhausting themselves. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Emeralds also enhance the positive traits of Taureans while also addressing the negative ones.

Emerald also carries the May birthstone color and guides Taureans towards the correct path to achieve their dreams. Additionally, the Emerald gemstone also brings wealth, success, joy, and love to the life of Taureans.

How to use Emerald?

Emerald is the May birthstone and offers emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits if used in the correct manner. In order to make use of Emerald, you can try:

  • Wearing emerald jewelry: You can wear emerald jewelry, such as a pendant or ring. By wearing the stone, it will be close to your skin and will work at its best.
  • Meditating with Emerald: You can hold an Emerald stone in your hand while meditating to help calm your mind and enhance your intuition.
  • Placing Emerald in your environment: You can place emerald stones in your home or office or both as it will promote positive and calming energy while dispelling impurities.

How to cleanse Emeralds?

Although Emerald is a strong stone, it requires cleansing from time to time as it can catch dust and impurities. Cleansing Emerald is necessary in order to reuse it again. However, cleansing the stone is neither time-consuming nor requires much attention. The best methods to cleanse Emerald are:

  • Soaking Emerald in salt water: Soak the Emerald gemstone in a bowl of salt water for about an hour. By doing so, the stone will be freed from negative energies, and its positive properties will be restored.
  • Smudging the stone with sage: Hold the Emerald in the smoke of burning sage for a few minutes as it will remove every impurity and will make it ready to use again.
  • Placing Emerald under moonlight: Place the Emerald in a location where it can be exposed to moonlight overnight. Moonlight will charge the stone’s positive energy and will free it from impurities.

To Conclude

Emerald is the May birthstone and is among the most regal gemstones. The Emerald stone symbolizes status and wealth and is also known for bringing fortune to the bearer. Moreover, the Emerald stone also nourishes one’s self-love, confidence, and trust and also provides numerous other emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. Additionally, the Emerald stone also introduces the bearer with ample opportunities to thrive in life.

Emerald is a robust and beautiful stone with strong astrological purposes. As it is the May birthstone, anyone born under the month can wear it, and it is also the perfect gift for May borns as its properties hold significant benefits for them.

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