Vastu Consultant In Kolkata

What Is Vastu?

Vastu is a prime Vedic science for buildings and properties. Before people start their business or build their houses, they use Vastu Shastra to enhance the peace in that place. We are a team of Vastu consultants in Kolkata and offer great services to our customers.

People think that Vastu makes one’s home pleasant and calm. It keeps it safe and away from any negative energy. It builds a connection between the house and the people living in that house.

People have had their beliefs and faith in Vastu Shastra for a long time. They buy properties and lands after ensuring that the Vastu of that place is right.

About Us

We at Shri Astrologer, care about people’s choices and work towards their wellness. We guide people with the right knowledge about Vastu and help them with a safe and peaceful place to live or work in.

We are a team of Vastu consultants in Kolkata and offer great services to our customers. Making life better for people is our utmost priority. We offer people Vastu tips and explain to them about its importance. People can contact us to avail of all kinds of Vastu services.

We are the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata. We are known for our great service as well as good results. We make sure that all our customers are satisfied with our service and all doubts are cleared.

Vastu Services

We at Shri astrologer, offers vastu services in kolkata which are listed below

Vastu for Plot

Shri Astrologer, at vastu consultant in Kolkata, helps to find the right plot with the right direction. We are experts in this type of services.

We explain all the benefits and risks of plots and which one will be the best for you.

Vastu for Residential Purposes

We have vastu services in kolkata for residential purposes as well. These include vastu service for bedroom, vastu service for kitchen, vastu service for living room and vastu service for study room.

People require vastu approvement for residential purpose, as they spend most of their time at home. They need to relax and feel at ease at their own place. The vastu should be right for all the rooms in a house. Not justy one place but it should be accurate for all the places in a house.

  • Vastu service for bedroomServices like directions, interior, designing, wall colour all these comes under bedroom service.
  • Vastu service for kitchenServices for kitchen involves interior designing of the kitchen and upgradation of the cooking area of the kitchen.
  • Vastu service for living RoomLiving room covers more area than any other rooms. So, services for this place are more like wall decorations, colour of the walls, interior designing, designing of the windows.
  • Vastu for Study RoomThis is the most important place for people because it’s where they work and study. So, if the vastu is not good for this place then there will be problems in concentration as well as working. Services included in this are right colours of wall paint, correct place for book shelf, lighting and study table.

Commercial Vastu

We at shri astrologer, offer vastu services in kolkata for commercial vastu as well. Commercial vastu involves services like vastu for office, shops, businesses, clinics, hospitals and restaurants.

Commercial vastu involves a place where people work and spend at least 10 hours of their daily time. If the vastu for commercial place is not right, then it can affect people as well as the work.

  • Services for officeVastu service in kolkata also offers services in office areas. Office places also requires vastu shastra because the positive energy needs to be channelised. So, the interior for office should be better.
  • Services for ShopsShops involves customers and if the vastu of the shop is not right then, it’s going to affect the business. So, shri astrologers make sure that there is no such problem in running up a shop.
  • Services for BusinessJust like everything in life, business also requires vastu shastra. We at shri astrologers offer great services for business locations.
  • Service for ClinicsThings like location location, interior, room settings, Equipments, storage requires vastu shastra when it comes to setting up a clinic.
  • Services for Hospitalshospital covers a big area and it requires a lot of customers to gain profit. If the vastu is not right, then the working of the hospital can have issues. To solve those issues Shri astrologer offers services like right location for the right type of hospital, tips for interior decorations and many more.
  • Services for RestaurantA restaurant needs more than just delicious food. It requires right vastu for its successful working. Shri astrologer helps in finding that right location for the right work.

Why Choose Us

Our Vastu Consultant In Kolkata, offer the customers with the best astrological guidance. We offer discounts as well as share tips so that our customers can improve their living and get rid of all the problems in their life.

We give a lot of options to choose from. Whether it’s services for residential vastu or plot vastu or commercial vastu. We offer best vastu consultant in kolkata and are renowned for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Religion is based on one’s belief. Hindus have developed Vastu shastra, but due to it being an art and science of structures, it can be used and applied irrespective of the religion.

In order to make your life free from negative energy and filled with happiness, vastu is required. You should follow Vastu so that you don’t face any problems in future.

Whenever you think that you need vastu shastra in your life.