Where to Place Money Plant according to Vastu – Shriastrologer

where to place money plant according to vastu

Where to Place Money Plant according to Vastu – Shriastrologer

Where to place money plant according to Vastu – Complete Guide:

Plants are always the symbol of growth, prosperity and greenery. Nowadays a lot of people fascinate about surrounding their houses with green plants. It not only provides fresh air and amazing look, but also radiates positive. Apart from all these facts, the best part about keeping plants is that gardening is the best exercise for keeping your bones healthy for a longer time. One of the favorite plants is money plant. Many people think that money plant has a direct connection with flow of money and prosperity. Many people also want to know where to place money plant according to vastu.

Where to Place money plant according to vastu in home and office

Money plant paves way for multiple sources of income when you place it in the right direction according to Vastu Shastra. Experts say that it should always be kept inside the house instead of outside in the garden area. Given below are some guidelines about where to place money plant according to Vastu. They must be followed by people who are planning to keep a money plant at their home for financial growth.

  • Best location for home: It should always be planted in the Agneya Kon or Fire Corner of your house. This corner is present in South-east direction and is ruled by planet Venus. It is said to be the best place for keeping money plants because Agneya Kon is the place for Lord Ganesha. He is the god who resolves all the problems in family by fighting against the odds. By keeping money in this corner, you can stop the negative vibes, and enhance the health and wealth of your house.
  • Must-avoid direction: The direction which should be strictly avoided while keeping money plant is Ishaan Kon. It is the North-east direction of your house. If you keep money plant in this place, you will lose all your money for unreasonable purpose. It also brings negativity in the house by causing problems in internal relationships. This affects the health and prosperity of the family and leaves it in a deconstructed form.
  • Best location in office: You can also keep this plant in Agneya Kon of your office. This will attract the positive energy and will help you in climbing the ladder of success.

Benefits of Money Plant:

This is both indoor as well as outdoor plant which is kept at home with a motive to enhance your luck. Not only just money plant, but any ornamental, medicinal, religious, or other plant should be placed at appropriate location to bring good luck, prosperity, financial stability, and happiness in family. Given below are some of the benefits of keeping money plant in your home and other locations, hence one should know where to place money plant according to vastu.

  • Natural air purifier: Apart from its classy appearance and fast growing tendrils, money plant is considered as a natural air purifier. It purifies the polluted air in your surroundings including the harmful chemicals which are released from air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances. NASA has approved of its air purifying capacity.
  • Absorbs radiations: This also a plant which absorbs radiations. You may not believe this, but many people keep it near television, computers, or Wi-Fi router just because of this reason. It protects the residents by preventing the digital radiations from penetrating into their body.
  • Heals mental tensions: This is one of the best plants to infuse positivist in your home. Placing money plant at a sharp corner of your home will radiate good vibes in your residence. All the arguments, negativity, and stress will be cut down with the help of this plant. You will also start noticing a positive change in your sleep patterns and it also reduces anxiety issues. Thus, one should always know where to place money plant according to vastu
  • Improves relationships: Money plant also improves the internal bond, relationships, love and friendship among st family members. This is majorly because of its heart shaped leaves.
  • Brings wealth and prosperity: As we already know that this plant radiate positive energy, it is famous for bringing good luck and prosperity in the respective family. It removes the hurdles which you are facing in your financial growth.

Once you follow the guidelines on where to place money plant according to Vastu properly, you will be able to see the practical results at your home.


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