Dream Interpretation of Rape – Dream Of Being Raped

Dream Interpretation of Rape – Dream Of Being Raped

Dream Interpretation of Raped

Dreams interpretations of raped nowadays are mainly based on your day to day life and do not relate to the foretelling but if you are having dreams that you can not decode on yourself are telling you a lot about your subconscious. Sometimes the trivial problems are given so much importance and other days the problems you are trying to avoid might result in freaking dreams.

Dream interpretation of raped or other physical abuse can hit you psychologically and you need to find out a solution as soon as you can.


Dream Of Being Raped


What do the rape dreams symbolize?

The dream interpretations of raped of getting raped are highly traumatizing, they can be the reason for both physical and mental stress or pressure that you are feeling or being forced upon you. These dreams interpretations of raped do not just occur to the females but it can be witnessed in the dreams of males as well. It is commonly seen when the person is being demanded to act in a certain way according to the norms and culture of society decides.

When a female is being forced to behave in a way that is considered ideal in society and she was asked not to apply any cosmetic products and the length of her dress and the height of her heels are decided by the society, it is also a kind of mental abuse leading to the rape dreams.

On the other hand, the stereotypes ask the males also to perform in a particular way as if being tough and dominant are the only traits of a man. The roughness and authoritative are not the qualities that decide the manliness of someone but pressurizing these characteristics on a man puts him through a psychological shift that can make them see being raped in dreams.

Inner life letting the Being Raped Dreams

Dreams are highly related to the real life and similarly, the dream interpretations of raped can become common when you are being raped or witnessed someone else getting raped. The rape is a sensitive and traumatic event and it is not easy to break chains with it easily. The dreaming about rape can be both progressive and regressive path.

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Most of the times it is progressive, as it can be easily realised that it was in past and the female can grow and think of ways in which she is stronger and capable of taking the revenge from her rapist. It enables her to understand her worth and to realise that is stronger enough to face the world and her past with the head held straight.

Also, the reason of seeing rape in dreams is because of your dark side is having control over your rational thinking. Being controlled is a kind of exploitation that has to be stopped in time, a lot of pressure can cause these physically abusive dreams.

The other possible reasons of getting Raped

It is not always necessary that only after hearing about rape or being a victim of rape causes the dreams of being raped. Sometimes being humiliated and the fear of the dominant are also the reasons. The humiliation and any act of disrespect can have fa earful result that will not be clearly understood or remembered but has a place in your subconscious.

This fear targets you in your most subtle form; sleeping. It is the mind exaggerating the situation took place in real. It might also be triggered by the relationship with your partner where the intimacy is considered the priority’ because the sexuality can only be understood in two ways; one where you are in love and other getting intimate because of the social pressure (forced marriages) or dream interpretations of raped. There is no in between and any kind of sexual tension can cause the dreams about rape.

Getting dream interpretations of raped can cause you problems related to psychology and if these dreams can cause you further problems. You must consider getting the advice from a professional, start feeling stronger and learn to love yourself once again. For other dream interpretations, such as seeing hair lice in dreams, click on the following link.

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