Best Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them

Crystals for Meditation

Best Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them

Meditation is one of the best practices that not only allows the mind to relax but also allows the physical body to be at ease. Additionally, adding a crystal to your meditation will supercharge the practice. Although using a crystal for meditation seems like a long process, in reality, it is not.

From making one look spectacular to making one sharp, crystals have multiple uses. Crystals have been used since ancient times, and even then, their uses were not limited to decorating a crown or dress. Crystals have been used for healing purposes since ancient times, and this practice has also found its way into the modern era.

What are the benefits of crystals for meditation?

Before diving into the details of the best crystals for meditation, let’s first take a look at how they can benefit your meditation practices. The vibration and properties of crystals can enhance the bearer’s focus and raise their consciousness and awareness of the higher self. Moreover, meditating with crystal also increases energy flow and clears blockages in the chakra.

Adding crystals to your meditation practices can boost:

  • Level of focus.
  • Positive energy in the body.
  • Flow of chakra throughout the body.
  • Quality of sleep.
  • Creativity and calm energy.

The 8 Best Crystals for Meditation

There are numerous crystals in the world, and each has its own set of properties fulfilling a specific purpose. There are also various types of crystals for meditation, and each has its unique properties and uses, meaning choosing a crystal without knowing about it is not the best choice. To make sure that you can supercharge your meditation, we will provide you with the best crystals for it, which will perfectly sync with your personality.

1. Lepidolite

The colour of Lepidolite is similar to a lilac rose, and the properties of this crystal allow it to sparkle silver in the morning dew. It is the stone of peace and helps a person to move out of hesitancy. The properties of the stone also help to relieve anxiety, stress, and other mental stress. Additionally, Lepidolite also helps clear the blockage of the heart and restore the crown’s chakra.

The Lepidolite crystal helps to feel free from mental and emotional roadblocks and allows the person to go into a meditative mood more calmly. Lepidolite is one of the best meditation stones and crystals and is also simple to use as all it requires for the person is to hold the crystal in their left hand while they meditate and talk to the crystal about their situations in a peaceful manner.

2. Carnelian

Carnelian has a glowing red colour with orange flickers and is also known as the ‘Kiss of Fire’ crystal. Carnelian is a highly empowering crystal as it empowers lower chakras and helps the person feel more confident, courageous and creative. Meditating with Carnelian can help a person get away from the slump and enter into an energetic space.

To meditate with Carnelian, you will need to put it on your sacral chakra, allowing the stone to interact with your inner zest and passion for life. Meditating with Carnelia will allow you to feel more confident and courageous and will also allow you to face situations that once seems difficult.

3. Moonstone

Similar to its name, the looks of Moonstone are similar to the moon. The stone has a gentle feminine light, and it symbolizes inner wisdom, fertility, intuition, and a new beginning. The guidance of the Moonstone is reflected from the moon, and it also embraces feminine energy, allowing one to settle down with easy luminous energy.

The gem can also be used for crystal bowl meditation as it is all light and allows the person to leave their ego behind and let their intuition lead them. To welcome the energy of this stone, plan a meditation on a full moon night and place the stone directly on your Manipura to bring emotional balance.

4. Obsidian

Obsidian is a dark and polished crystal and is known to bring gifts of prophecy and has immense power to pull a cloak of protection around one’s shoulders. The stone is best suited for those who easily get stuck in hypervigilance and find it hard to come out of that particular situation.

Obsidian is a protective stone, and keeping it close to the body can help to enter a state of calm. To use the Obsidian crystal for meditation, place it either beside you or on your receiving hand, allowing the stone to armour up the aura. The stone shields from negative vibes and gives the person a calm mind and allows them to face difficult situations head-on. Additionally, it can also be used for the crystal singing bowl meditation.

5. Rose Quartz

The colour of Rose Quartz is similar to a pale cherry blossom and is a family member of the Quartz family. Thanks to its properties and colour, it is also known as the ‘Stone of Love.’ Rose Quartz has a gentle vibration, and it boosts feelings of peace, calmness, and self-love by channelling positive energy throughout the body. Rose Quartz has powerful and gentle healing properties that help the person to grow their level of love and trust.

Rose Quartz can help a person bring unconditional love to their life by placing the crystal directly on the heart chakra. Besides being one of the best crystal for meditation, Rose Quartz can also helps to get over certain disorders such as insomnia and others, making it one of the best meditation stones and crystals.

6. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal is also a member of the Quartz family and has lilacs, lavenders, and deep purple hues. The stone has a calming presence and is one of the best crystals for meditation. Amethyst has a high vibration and is a crown chakra healer. The stone helps to enter into a deeper sense of self by removing stress, anxiety, and other mental issues.

The stone purifies thoughts and cleanses all negative ideas, allowing the person to connect with subconscious thoughts and intuition. You can welcome the properties of Amethyst in your meditation by placing the stone on your forehead, as it will clear all the rushing thoughts and will also allow you to focus on things that require your attention.

7. Citrine

Citrine is a stone of powerful energy and has the colour of sunshine. The stone has a burst of positivity, and adding it to meditation can help to into a space of sublime. Citrine is a highly positive stone and is a bringer of good fortune. Additionally, Citrine was the favourite crystal of ancient Romans Queen Victoria I.

Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism, and adding the crystal to your meditation practices will allow you to enjoy its benefits of it. To use the power of the stone, sit with it in a meditative space and let it lift your heart and bring you guidance.

8. Selenite

Selenite has a crystal clear look from its raw form and is the stone of serenity, peace, and sweet consciousness. The stone helps to calm all rushing thoughts and calm the mind. Moreover, it also gently encourages the person to embrace the art of self-awareness. Selenite has a soothing vibration that balances the body’s chakra and also removes all negative thoughts.

The Selenite crystal can be directly added to the meditation practice or can be added with crystal single bowl meditation. The crystal helps to enter a quiet inner place where there are no rushing thoughts.

How to meditate with crystals?

There are various types of crystals and also various types of meditation practices. Meditating with crystals will allow you to share your space or to get a different perspective on various aspects of life. If you want to welcome the support of crystals in your meditation, here are some ideas you should try.

In the Bath

Meditation is not necessary to be done in a sitting stance in a particular place; it can be done almost anywhere. A warm bath helps both the mind and body to relax; meditating on a warm bath will allow you to connect much more clearly with your subconscious thoughts, and adding a crystal to your bath can boost the meditation process.

To use a crystal for meditation while bathing, place a crystal directly in front of you. Focus on the crystal for a couple of minutes, and then slowly close your eyes by thinking of your goals.

Crystal on your chakras

Chakras are the sources of energy in the body. There are seven types of chakras, and each represents a different part of the physical body and spiritual being. Placing crystals on your chakra can help you to align with your intentions.

Laying crystals on your chakras will also allow the crystal’s healing properties to activate in the particular area and maintain the energy flow. Placing crystals on your chakra will also allow you to achieve a more stable peace of mind. Placing a crystal directly on your chakra is also one of the best ways to meditate with a crystal.

Why use a crystal for meditation?

Crystals have various healing properties, and adding them to your meditation practices can boost the process and provides with a much better focus and will also raise consciousness and awareness of your higher self.

Adding crystals in meditation can increase the health of the mind and the body. Additionally, meditation with crystals can also change the perspective regarding certain situations/things.

To conclude

Meditation is a practice that many do in order to calm their mind and body and to find answers to certain questions that once seems troublesome. Crystals can aid in meditation. In fact, adding crystals to meditation can supercharge the process. A calm mind and body are better equipped to be in charge of emotions and to handle situations that once seemed troublesome.

There are various types of crystals, and each their own unique set of properties. There are various crystals that help with meditation, and among them, the given above are some of the best crystals for meditation.

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