Dreaming About Someone Means They Miss You

Dreaming About Someone Means They Miss You

Do You keep dreaming about someone means they miss you every night? Even though you deliberately try to think about the same person every night before you go to bed, they will surely continue to show up in your own dreams. If you had a dream about someone, is it because they miss you? Are your minds subconsciously linked in some of the other ways?

If You Had a Dream of Someone, Is It Because of They Miss You?

Currently, the science generally believes in that dreams are caused by random electrical firings in your own mind. These images, your memories, and thoughts are completely random, but your mind only attempts to assemble all the thoughts into some type of plot line when you wake up from your dream. Because of this, your own dreams are most likely just represent to the people, images and all the things that you are interacting with or you really think about in your own real life.

What we think is what looks in the same dream

Some people also believe that your dreams can represent your own psychological state of mind. For example, if you think about yourself in a yellow room before going to bed every night, you are more likely to get frequent thoughts and dreams about it in your unconscious mind. If you have been stressed out from the school time, you may also dream about that you are at your school or that you are in some kind of stressful situation.

Often, you can figure out that what is going on in your subconscious mind by analyzing your own dreams. Your dreams can show you the topics, feelings, and people that keep coming up in your thought over and over again. Sometimes, these types of figures represent a feeling or another idea. Other times, they also appear because you try to interact or think about one person a lot in real life. This is one of the main reasons why your dreams tend to include people you think about the most, thoughts and locations that you are in a lot in your real life.

Dreams Reflect Your Own Thoughts

What your dreams really show is that you are thinking about that person a lot. You also might have a crush on him/her, or they might annoy you sometimes significantly. Whatever the reason will be, it may seem like they are on your mind most of the time.

Now, your goal is to figure out that why they are on your mind so frequently. There may be an so obvious reason that how you feel about them. If not, you also have to look at the role they are playing in your life. Do they also represent a certain feeling in your life? If you feel protected around them and in their appearance in your dream might also show that you want someone to love you, nurture your feelings and protect you.

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If you have the feeling of fear or intimidated by that person, then it might also mean that you feel the same way in your real life, so that’s why they appeared in your dream because mostly dreams come from your unconsciousness mind of thoughts.

In some cases, people may appear in your own dreams completely randomly. You have memories of people from your entire life and your day to day routine. Even though you may also not think about those people anymore, they can still be pulled into your dream from time to time. Something you saw may have reminded you of them, or their appearance in your dream could have been completely random.

Ultimately, you are the best person for deciding what your dream truly means. If the person likes you back or is close to you in real life, then it is always possible that they were thinking about you at the same time as your dream. With that said, it is just as likely that they thought about you on any other day, whether you dreamed about that person or not. To really figure out the exact meaning behind your own dream, you have to look at exactly what happened in the dream, how you felt, where you were and how you acted.


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