The Most Powerful Gems for Zodiac Signs – Find Out Yours

gems for zodiac signs

The Most Powerful Gems for Zodiac Signs – Find Out Yours

Crystals are minerals that are found throughout the world and are also heavily connected with history. Each crystal has its own unique properties, and while the trend of crystals as an accessory is famous, they are also used for various other purposes across the globe. The powers of crystals are powerful as they are, but their power can further increase by matching the gems for zodiac signs.

Crystals have various healing properties, and even in ancient times, their uses were more than as an accessory. Crystals have also found their uses in the modern era, and there are specific gemstones for zodiac signs. Choosing a crystal similar to your zodiac sign can boost the properties of the crystal and can prove to be much more beneficial for you.

There are a total of 12 zodiac signs, and each represents different attributes in both positive and negative manner. However, by using gems for zodiac signs, you can remove all the negative traits and can also get the other benefits of healing stones.



Similar to Aries, Diamonds are also known for their robust strength, and as a matter of fact, Diamond is the most powerful gemstone in the world. Diamond carries masculine energy and evokes one’s inner strength, and helps to pursue one’s goals in the toughest of times. Diamond is also known as a stone of purity and innocence as it helps one to attain spiritual clarity and speak the heart’s truth. Moreover, diamonds are associated with wealth, helping one to attain success in their industry.


The crystal is a member of the Quartz family, and among all the members of this family, the properties of Citrine sync perfectly with Aries. The crystal is known to promote vitality and prevent energy depletion, making the crystal a good match for Aries as their personalities often drain their energy. Additionally, the crystal also enhances passion and courage.



Although Amber is a petrified resin of trees and is not actually a crystal, since ancient times, it has been treated as a gemstone due to its properties. Even in the modern era, Amber is counted in the group of gemstones and is among the best stones for Taurus. Amber stabilizes one’s spiritual energy to their physical body while simultaneously influencing calming and soothing energy, giving the person patience, protection, and balance. Additionally, the properties and vibration of Amber also help to heal both the physical as well as the spiritual body.


Selenite is known as the crystal of serenity, peace, and sweet consciousness, which are essential for Taurus as their traits often lie short in these properties. Moreover, Selenite is also a known crystal for cleansing negative energies from the soul and calming rushing thoughts from the mind. Additionally, the soothing properties of Selenite help in relieving the fear of change and adaptability, which is a common fear in Taurus.


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a member of the Lace Agate family and can benefit Gemini with its calming properties and vibration. Blue Lace Agate is associated with the Manipura chakra and is a known crystal for boosting intuitions and spiritual connection and cleansing mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. The Blue Lace Agate crystal is filled with positive energy, making it one of the best zodiac birthstones for Gemini. People born under Gemini are usually hyperactive, and due to that trait, they often attract trouble. The grounding properties of Blue Lace Agate can help to sharpen their sight, increase intellect, and dispel fear.


Amazonite has the same soothing properties as the majestic Amazon river and can help to ease down the over-excitement and hyperactiveness of Geminis. The Amazonite crystal has a gentle vibration that helps to relieve stress as well as has a better concentration. Amazonite has calm and well-grounded properties that sync perfectly with Gemini and enhance optimism, dispel anxiety and stress, as well as negative energy.


Red Jasper

Although Cancer can be nurturing, they often close themselves off when it comes to their emotions. Red Jasper can help them to speak about their emotions. Red Jasper is the opaque member of the Quartz family and is also known as nurture’s stone and supreme nurturer. Red Jasper has calming vibrations and properties and can help Cancers to relieve their stress and anxiety, which is a common trait in their personality. Moreover, Red Jasper also increases one’s confidence, patience, and understanding abilities. Additionally, Red Jasper also helps Cancers to make peace with the past and focus on future goals.


Moonstone is one of the best crystals for Cancerians, as Moonstone has the same looks and properties as the moon, which is considered the ruling planet for Cancer. People born with Cancer are often instinctive and can read the energies of individuals as well as of groups of people, and Moonstone can help with these traits. Cancerians have sensitive nature, and Moonstone can help with that as it offers protection and enhances intuition and psychic abilities. Additionally, Moonstone is also known as the stone of inner growth and brings success to one’s personal and professional life.


Tiger’s Eye

Leos are often known for their traits to constantly give energy to others and to keep their energy grounded; Tiger’s Eye is one of the best gems for zodiac signs of Leo. Similar to its name, the Tiger’s Eye crystal has similar looks to the eye of a tiger. The crystal offers support, increases creativity, and enhances concentration. Moreover, Tiger’s Eye allows Leos to be calm in the toughest of times. The crystal is related to the Sacral Chakra and can bring luck and success to Leo’s life.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl and can help Leos to feel in their environment. The chakra of Black Tourmaline is associated with the heart, which is the body part ruled by Leo. The stone enhances the happiness, compassion, and serenity of Leos. Moreover, Black Tourmaline also improves creativity and the spiritual healing process. Additionally, Black Tourmaline also help Leos in channeling energy and know about their inner strengths.



Amethyst crystal is a member of the Quartz family, and among all the members of this family, the soothing and serene properties of Amethyst fits the best with the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgos are known for their perfectionist personalities and for dealing with chaotic order, which often drains their energy. Amethyst crystals can help to restore that energy and can also help them to feel more relaxed. Moreover, Amethyst is also known as the stone of intellect and enhances the analyzing abilities of Virgo while keeping balancing the flow of their energy.


The Sapphire crystals are known for their balanced and positive vibrations. Although Sapphires are lucky stones for all Rashi, their properties shine most brightly with Virgo. The trait of anxiety and worry is common in Virgo and can lead to distracting or unproductive thoughts. All the negative traits of Virgo can be relieved by the Sapphire stone, and the stone can also enhance the positive factors of Virgo.


Lapis Lazuli

The zodiac sign of Libra represents fun, adventure, and happiness for themselves as well as for the people around them. Although Librans have cheerful personalities, they can easily get upset or even depressed if they don’t get what they expect. Lapis Lazuli can help in this area and can also help to know about the inner truth, which can help in seeking truth. Lapis Lazuli also helps Librans to expand their consciousness, connect with spirit guides, and purify both their mind and soul.

Hough Opal

Hough Opal is the birthstone of Librans and contains enormous energy that supports emotions and helps to put an end to unhealthy activities. Moreover, Hough Opal can also help Librans to find the unconditional love of their life. Additionally, these Libra zodiac gemstones also bring luck and success to one’s life and allow one to focus on things that are in front of them, not behind.



Topaz is the main birthstone for Scorpio. Topaz represents warmth, growth, calmness, wealth, and abundance, which are the same properties as the sun and help Scorpios to relieve their negative traits. The themes of Topaz sync well with Scorpios and can help them to clear any obstacles with their resolution and ambitions. Furthermore, Topaz also gives Scorpions a clear mindset, allowing them to focus on the clear aspects of life. Additionally, Topaz also provides positive energy while clearing negative ions from both body and soul.


Opal is yet another precious gemstone for Scorpions as both its properties and vibrations allow Scorpions to relieve from their “Mysterious Vibes.” Opal symbolizes various factors, and courage and faithfulness are some of them. Moreover, Opal is also an ideal stone for long-lasting relationships, as it inspires devotion in both partners. Opal is one of the most powerful gemstones in the world and syncs nicely with the Scorpion traits with its powerful properties and vibrations.



Turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius and is a known stone for balancing emotions and communication. Sagittarius has a fierce personality, and that trait sometimes gets them in trouble. However, the properties of Turquoise crystal help in keeping that trait in balance. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra, helping Sagittarians to increase their communication skills. Turquoise is an ocean stone and has harmonizing elements that keep feminine and masculine energies in balance.


Zircon is also referred to as the stone of virtue and assists in developing psychic abilities and is also one of the best stones for Sagittarius. The stones resonate with all chakras and allow us to maintain a healthy flow of energy. The properties of Zircon are also associated with wisdom, prosperity, and self-confidence. Moreover, the stone also allows one to find their inner strength, which Saggitarius often overlook. Additionally, Zircon also helps Sagittarius to improve their communication skills.



Obsidian is the birthstone of Capricorn and is one of the most protective stones. Obsidian represents hope and allows Capricorns to be free from psychic attacks as well as emotional ones. The stone wraps a cloak of protection around the shoulders of Capricorns, allowing them to enter a state of calm in the competitive world. Additionally, the stone also protects the soul from negativity, especially when one feels unstable.


Peridot is ripe with positive energy and brings life and light into one’s life. The Peridot gemstone stabilizes the mood swings of Capricorns and also helps them in reliving the past. Peridot is also referred to as the study stone, as it enhances one’s memory, sharpens focus, and helps to concentrate on the important things in life. Additionally, Peridot also increases the success rate of Capricorns, allowing them to safely place some bets regarding their goals.



People born under Aquarius are often open-minded and free-spirited and choose to follow a different path than the crowd. Although people with the Aquarius zodiac sign often focus on the bigger picture, that particular trait can sometimes get them into trouble. The Sugilite crystal can be a major help in that area as its properties allow one to be calm and look for options that do not harm anyone. The crystal is famed for its ability to boost spiritual growth, allowing one to release worries and enter a state of satisfaction. Additionally, Sugilite also strengthens the spirit and the emotional balance of Aquarius.


Due to their flow of emotions, Aquarius often gets stuck in their mental realm, and Garnet can help to come back and face reality with a robust resolution. Garnet symbolizes truth, purity, and personal power. Moreover, Garnet is also a known crystal to achieve success in a relationship or to start a healthy relationship for Aquarius. The properties of Garnet increase immunity and energy and can also light a fire for Aquarius when they feel cold.



Aquamarine is the birthstone for Pisces and has a sweet flow and a surge of water elements. The traits of Pisces often get them stuck in tricky situations, and Aquamarine can help them to get out or can even prevent the situation from occurring. With its calm and soothing properties and elements, Aquamarine allows Pisces to move fluidly in life without getting any mood swings. Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra and allows Pisces to speak in a manner where their voice makes an impact.


Ruby is a regal gemstone and is known for its warmth and luckiness. The stone beautifully balances energy, ensuring that the user won’t go into a fiery zest, making it one of the best gems for zodiac signs of Pisces. Moreover, the stone also balances the heart and injects a heavy dose of self-confidence, fixing the “I don’t know if I can do it or not” personality of Pisces.

Which stone is suitable for zodiac signs?

There are a total of 12 zodiac signs, and each has its own set of positive and negative traits. Gems for zodiac signs can help to overcome negative traits and enhance positive ones. The most suitable gems for zodiac sign are:

  • Aries – Diamond (provides strength and gives the energy to pursue goals).
  • Taurus – Selenite (provides peace and adaptability in a change of environment).
  • Gemini – Blue Lace Agate (boosts intuition and helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression).
  • Cancer – Red Jasper (helps to focus on the future and make peace with the past).
  • Leo – Tiger’s Eye (enhances creativity and increases concentration).
  • Virgo – Amethyst (restores positive energy and helps in relaxing).
  • Libra – Hough Opal (helps to concentrate on the future and brings unconditional love).
  • Scorpio – Topaz (helps to clear obstacles and gives a much clear aspect of life).
  • Sagittarius – Turquoise (balances emotions and boosts communication skills).
  • Capricorn – Obsidian (gives protection and removes negative energy).
  • Aquarius – Sugilite (boosts spiritual growth and allows to relieve stress and anxiety).
  • Pisces – Ruby (maintains a healthy energy flow throughout the body and boosts communication skills).

What does each zodiac sign represent?

12 zodiac signs

  • Aries (Ram): Initiation, Courage, Boldness, Spontaneity, and Inspiration.
  • Taurus (Bull): Reliable, Loyal, Sensual, and Strength.
  • Gemini (Twins): Duality in life, Curiosity, and Passion.
  • Cancer (Crab): Wisdom, Self-care, and Compassion.
  • Leo (Lion): Confidence, Ambition, Generous, Fierce.
  • Virgo (Virgin): Practical, Sensible, and Loyal.
  • Libra (Scales): Harmony, Justice, Balance, and Fair Play.
  • Scorpio (Scorpion): Passion, Excitement, Creativity, and Boldness.
  • Sagittarius (Centaur): Intelligent, Optimistic, Honest, and Independent.
  • Capricorn (Goat): Persistent, Sensible, Practical, and Energetic.
  • Aquarius (Water Bearer): Self-reliant, Optimistic, Clever, and Humanitarian.
  • Pisces (Fishes): Gracious, Emotionally aware, Creative, and Imaginative.

To conclude

Gemstones are found all over the world, and there are groups of gemstones in all zodiac signs. Using gems for zodiac signs can help to remove the negative traits and enjoy a much more positive lifestyle. Although crystals contain healing properties that can prove to be beneficial for you, their uses may differ and may also require cleaning. However, taking care of crystals does not require much attention or effort.

All in all, using gems for zodiac signs is an easy way to relieve or solve certain issues and get a much better focus on your goal. Moreover, the vibration and properties of crystals can also help in physical healing, and their power can further increase by matching them with your zodiac sign.

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