What Does the Dream of Cleaning Poop Mean?

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What Does the Dream of Cleaning Poop Mean?

We can have up to six dreams per night, and some of them tend to leave a strong impression on us. Moreover, the dreams that leave an impression on our minds are often either interesting or unpleasant. While the dream of cleaning poop might be unpleasant, our conscious and subconscious minds can remember them, and connecting the dots with reality might mean something.

The dream of cleaning poop can represent success, attention, and appreciation. Moreover, these dreams are also signs of faith, ambition, determination, and willingness. These dreams can also be considered a positive omen and can also represent a luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful life.

While on the other hand, these dreams also symbolize a bad future and bad energy around the dreamer. These sorts of dreams can come in various forms and can also have a significant impact on the dreamer’s life; for a better understanding, let’s go into a bit more detail.

Dream of cleaning poop

These dreams might not leave a good impression on the dreamer, but the common interpretation of these dreams can be that the dreamer’s hard work will bear fruit. Furthermore, success, wealth, and dignity are also common symbols of these dreams.

Dream of cleaning a dirty toilet

If you have a dream of cleaning a dirty toilet, it can mean a bad future awaits you. These dreams can also indicate that the dreamer won’t achieve what they desire. Although these dreams point toward the bad and difficult upcoming days, they can also be interpreted positively. For example, if you find yourself cleaning a dirty toilet in a dream, then it would be best to hold your big decisions as they might fail.

Dream of bowel movement

These dreams can be conceived as a good omen to start something new, meaning no obstacle will come across the dreamer’s desires, and they will likely receive success in their personal and professional life. Moreover, good wealth and authority are other interpretations of these dreams.

Dream of smelling poop

These dreams can mean unpleasant quarrels and situations, failure in business, relationship breakdowns, and quarrels. Although a bad omen is a general interpretation of the dream of smelling poop, it can also be considered as a warning call to be more attentive and tackle issues with calm.

The symbolic meaning of the dream of cleaning poop

These dreams are symbolic interpretations of good omens and the improvement of one’s well-being. The other common interpretations of these dreams are receiving money, replenishment at home, and the start of a joyful occasion.

These dreams are also signs of success for those in the service sector as they can mean wealth and achievement of tasks that once appeared impossible and can also mean that the dreamer will strike a fantastic deal.

Dreams of poop can mean a lot of benefits for those in the agricultural industry. These dreams can point toward a bountiful harvest, good health, and also good weather.

However, there are also negative meanings attached to the dreams that revolve around poop. Sometimes, these dreams can indicate relationship breakdowns and that someone is trying to meddle with the dreamer’s waking life. These dreams can be considered as a symbolic wake-up call to be more attentive to your surroundings and ignore unnecessary advice and talks.

Does dreaming of poop means money?

Most the dreams about poop are often signs that mean financial luck is coming your way. Whether a large or a small sum of money, connecting the dots of dreams properly with reality can mean financial profits. Moreover, these dreams are also signs of beneficial future investments. However, you should keep in mind that these dreams can also indicate that some illegal opportunities to make money might come across you, and you should do your best to avoid them.

What causes the dream of cleaning poop?


An anxious person can go through a vicious cycle that can affect them both physically and psychologically. Of course, this also affects their quality of sleep and can cause them to dream of feces. In these cases, these dreams can mean that the dreamer needs to move on and continue to focus on their waking life and goals.


Ignoring people’s advice, going against the flow, and other obstinate attitudes can also cause the dream of cleaning poop. However, in this case, it has both positive and negative meanings. On the positive side, these dreams can mean that your work will get acknowledged, and you will achieve wealth, fame, and desired things.

On the other hand, these dreams can also mean that your plans might fail, and your relationship(s) might also break down.


Dreams revolving around poop are common for people who are sick. Although these dreams are common, they might not be related to reality and do not mean that the person is severely sick; a little stomach ache or a mild fever can also cause these dreams.

Are the dream of cleaning poop good or bad?

Although many might find dreaming of poop unsettling or even repulsive, it does not necessarily mean bad. If not anything else, they can be considered as the signs of a bad future, and connecting the dreams with reality might help you to avoid the worst-case scenarios.

To sum it up, dreams of poop can be put in the categories of good or bad depending on the dreamer’s mental and physical health and how they conceive these dreams. However, if you are having trouble unraveling these dreams and deciding whether they are good or bad, then you can call it a day by thinking of them as a game of your subconscious mind.

To conclude

Dreams are subjective, and a person can have up to six dreams per night. Remembering all of them is impossible but some of them can leave a strong impression on our minds. Connecting those dots with reality can mean benefits and might be the key to avoiding bad situations.

However, the dream of cleaning poop is a double-edged sword, meaning it can have both positive and negative meanings and can also have a significant impact on the dreamer’s waking life. Although these dreams can show the dreamer a glimpse of the future, they don’t need to be true or exact. In these cases, don’t let dreams interfere with your waking life, and continue pursuing your desires.

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