Queen Of Cups Reversed – Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Queen Of Cups Reversed – Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Lots of people want to know about their life and future but they forget to make their present a better place. The Queen of Cups Tarot Card reading enables a person in making his/her future better by working for the present self. One of the most attractive and motivating cards is the card of the Queen of Cups reversed.

The tarot card reading is an art and one of its artistic read is Queen of cups reversed. The Queen of Cups represents an extremely beautiful woman sitting at the seashore on a stone throne, which is carved with sea nymphs, shells, and nymphs. She is holding a cup of gold with both her hands and staring at it in amaze and compassionately.

Queen of Cups Card Meaning: Upright

The Queen of Cups Tarot Card suggests emotional stability, calmness, creativity, and compassion. The Queen of Cups reversed portrays a woman who promotes love, affection, nurturing, artistic mind and all the attributes that are considered ideal to handle emotional situations. It also suggests your creative ability, as an appreciation of good work needs a sense of art and thus this card suggests you be creative.

The Queen of Cups reading suggests a safe harbor that lives within you. It is the unconscious realm of your mind that triggers maturity and care for others. Just like the motherly affection, the Queen is warm-hearted and full of mercy. She understands what others are feeling. Sitting on the edge of the sea also makes her the “safe zone” for the lost in the sea.

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The Tarot Card of Queen of cups tells the person to stay calm and compassionate in the difficult emotional situations occurring in the life. It is only the love that can make the things right, the empathy towards others will make you understand them better. It requires maturity and a gentle heart to put yourself in the shoes of others.

Queen of Cups Card Meaning: Reversed

The Reversed Queen of Cups refers to your disconnection with your feelings. On the upright side, where the feelings are understood and deeply felt, the reverse card suggests ignorance towards the emotions or it is also because of somebody forcing you to hide those feelings. The restrained feelings are causing you distress and you are losing yourself emotionally.

The Reversed Cup Queen reversed may also mean that your emotions are getting out of your control and you are not able to focus on anything. The power of creating and imagining is also turning its back on you and the more you are trying to imagine, the more you are losing the sense of it. You are turning into a moody person who is easily getting overwhelmed with the flow of emotions and is not able to point out the difference between fantasy and reality.

Also, the Queen of Cups tarot card indicates the co-dependence on the viewpoints of others. You are becoming too concerned with the opinions of others that you have started losing yourself in the procedure. You have also started to expect a lot from others and constantly comparing yourself with others in terms of how caring you and that other person is? Or are you getting equal care in return or not?

Relation of Queen of Cups with other aspects

  • Love

In the matter of love, The Queen of Cups Card reversed is a positive sign when comes upright as it is a sign of soon finding the compassionate love if you are single and taking your relationship to another level, if already in a relationship. On the other hand, the reversed card is referring to the emotional breakdown in the relation. One of you two is having a problem in understanding the emotions of other or expecting a lot.

  • Finance & Work

The Queen of Cup Tarot Card meaning is always a good one in a matter of work and finance. It suggests a creative and clear mind that helps in choosing the right track and the right track always offer amazing financial outcome. While, on the downside, the reverse card of Cup Queen refers to regression in work efforts because of the lack of creativity and rational thinking.

  • Spirituality

Queen of Cups Tarot has its focal point filled with emotional and higher knowledge and thus leading to a better understanding of oneself and others. It leads to a higher spiritual state but the sense of calm and peace are against to the spirituality if the card is reversed.

These are the possible answers you need to know about the tarot card reading of Queen of cups and for other cards interpretation like Nine of Swords, click on the following link.

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