Five Of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Interpretation & Meanings

Five of Wands reversed interpretation & Meaning Guide

Five Of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Interpretation & Meanings

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The five of wands Tarot Card reading is often considered as a source of misguiding the people and not as a trustworthy source. But it is to be noticed that the cards are based on your past and present situations. The future is considered to be a possibility in the situation of inactivity but by understanding the present scenario one can act in order to make the future bright.

One of the cards that tell about possible competition and rivalry in the life is represented through the Five of Wands card. It shows five men having their Wands held high as in making a point that varies from the other four. All the men can be representing different cultures or the opinions or they can be each other’s competitors. The chaotic picture implies struggle and hard time.

Five of Wands Card Meaning: Upright

The five is generally considered as the sign of conflict in the tarot and here also the five men are considered as the hurdle in each other’s way. The conflict and disagreement are visible in the picture. The Five of Wands Card tells the inability of working in a group showing the lack of team spirit in a person or a group, where the personal goals overpower the common goal.

It can be seen that none of them are trying to listen to each other, instead, they are trying to force their opinion on others. The conflicts like this hamper the progress and stop everyone from getting any closer to their goals. The tarot card of Five of wands focuses on empowering the team as one. It is suggested to work on themselves rather than complaining about others viewpoints.

The card of five wands also tells about the change that is required for the union of the five. Everyone has a unique thing and that’s the reason for being one of the five. The card portrays conflicts but is suggesting the idea of discussion as conflicts are no good for anyone and only through discussion they can decide the best option and achieve success.

Five of Wands Card Meaning: Reversed

The Reversed Card of Five of Wands suggests that you are good at avoiding the conflicts by focusing on the more important things. It is the capability only some of the people possess. By this, you can keep progressing and maintain the peace of your mind. This situation of avoiding conflicts can also be a bit much at times and you might even start putting some important conflicts at the bay.

Some conflicts are necessary to come to a better point and understanding the various ways to achieve a single goal. The Five of Wands Reversed also tells you that avoiding conflicts is not making you move any further and to focus on the aim you must evaluate the good and bad points of the various points in order to come up with the most efficient way.

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The other possible interpretation of the reversed five of Wands card is that all the conflicts and competition that you were facing earlier to reach your goal has come to an end and you no longer have to worry about the future circumstances. You can choose your path the way you want and you are safer than before.

Relation of Five of Wands with other aspects

  • Love

In the love sense, the card of five wands points out to the part where the person you love is loved by others as well and you need to give your best shot to gain the love back or it might also mean that you and your partner are having opinion clash at some matter. Whereas then reversed five wands mean vice-versa and that you have managed your love life with a great sense of intelligence.

  • Work

The five of wands card has a direct relation with competition and thus in the context of work you are surely having hurdles in achieving success. It asks from you to play the right way and with the right techniques achieve success. While the reversed card shows the end of the competition and your successful growth in the work career.

  • Spirituality

Spirituality is the sense of calm which is hard to receive because of the ongoing trouble. You need time to clear your mind and work on bringing the useful fruit out of the not so growing conflict. The Five wands reversed card, however, talks about the peace of mind you have achieved by avoiding the useless arguments.

The meaning of Five of Wands Card both upright and reversed are mentioned above with all the possible real-life reasons and solutions. For knowing about the Queen of cup tarot card interpretation visit the following link.


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