Knight Of Cups Reversed Tarot Card And Description

Knights Of Cups Reversed

Knight Of Cups Reversed Tarot Card And Description

The Knight of Cups reversed is the tarot’s most brave Messenger of Love. This Knight can also communicate his deepest feelings about someone without fear or embarrassment. Everywhere he rides, love begins to flow because of it. He represents the all forms of love: passionate, platonic, romantic and familial. He can also reintroduce the lonely person into a world of a lot of friends, and can also bring the renewed passion to an intimacy-barren of a relationship.

This is only because of that he does not let the fear, embarrassment, or shame, keep him from opening his heart. He may remind all the people who believe that they are lonely, and they are actually connected, valuable, loved, and accepted. They may just need to be braver by opening up with people and actually communicate with someone other than their anxiety.

The Knight of Cups is so hot! He is also completely confident in his all the feelings and what is more attractive than confidence or overconfidence? He gazes the electrically with his deep blue eyes and effortlessly expresses what he desires with his impassioned of conviction. He wears all the wings of Hermes, the messenger god on his helm and his feet. Fish decorate his tunic.

The Card of the Day: The Knight of Cups

This also symbolizes that his ability to communicate clearly about the in deep unconscious feelings and thoughts that can be hard to put into words. His main message is that communication about feelings heals isolation and confusion. The more difficult the subject, the more healing to be gained from talking about it. However, you have to be brave enough to open up with others.

The Knight of Cups is mostly eternally optimistic that the future of people will be brighter than times before they had in present. He knows that the heart is not as fragile as it pretends to be in situations. It can only heal it amazingly but must be open to do so all. Bring some of the passion and excitement back into your real life. Share, flirt, take a risk, make new friends and but most importantly open up with different people.

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If the Knight of Cups appears reversed

He also indicates that the difficult feelings are swimming around in your own heart and can be released once they are put into words. It is an ideal time to communicate about whatever you have been avoiding from last time. Instead of retreating more, the Knight dares you to be more open, and share what you are experiencing with those you trust most. Emotions like fear, shame, anxiety, and anger can often be released the moment they are spoken. However, they must be articulated from a position of love. Once difficult feelings are articulated, they can be released! This will render the heart more light and free. Don’t fear honesty and openness. The Knight of Cups advises you to stop carrying heavy feelings around.

Release any burdensome emotions that are weighing you down with loving communication.

Basic Energies Surrounding the Card

When upright, this court card is usually indicating a younger fair-haired man who could be a teen or young adult. Some interpretations have the Knight of Cups as the child or an older man who seems or acts younger. The card can also represent a female in some interpretations, though it’s usually treated as a man; pages or princesses more often represent women.

As a person, the interpretation of the Knight of Cups can go a few ways. Upright, he can be a chivalrous, polite, sensitive man — the young knight on the gentle horse — or he can be a good friend, someone who is supportive, nice, and friendly.

The meaning of the card can also be a conc1ept, rather than a physical person. In this case, cups are emotions, and knights tend to be a source of action or inaction. So, the Knight of Cups indicates action or inaction regarding feelings, love, and support. The action or inaction can be good or bad depending on surrounding cards.

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