Karuna Reiki Symbols & Their Meanings


Karuna Reiki Symbols & Their Meanings

Karuna Reiki is a type of Reiki but the sole purpose of Karuna Reiki Symbols is to put a full stop of the sufferings of others. Though to become a Karuna Reiki Master you must have to be attuned with the Usui Reiki. Karuna means compassion and that compassion enables to the masters to keep looking for the higher realms.

The attuned Usui Reiki Masters keep focusing on the higher self of themselves that helps them achieve the higher realms and with the help of certain symbols that magnifies their approach for the same. These masters who start using these symbols to manifest greater energy in the process of healing is known as Karuna Reiki Meditation.

The Karuna Reiki is considered to have the compassion for crystal healing others which are also considered to be logical. As the wisdom provided to these Karuna Reiki masters from the higher realms tells them that all the humans are equal and thus as much as you want your problems to be solved, you should want the same for others as well.

Karuna Reiki Symbols

There are eight symbols of Karuna Reiki and they possess their own energy that can be activated with use of the right knowledge. Basically, all the Karuna Reiki symbols can be invoked and used effectively but on the basis of their connection with the higher realm, the symbols are divided into two parts.

Karuna Reiki-I symbols include Zonar, Halu, Harth, and Rama. While Karuna Reiki-II symbols include Gnosa, Kriya, Iava and Shanti. The second group of Symbols in Karuna Reiki are more effective in connecting with the higher realm as said by the ones who have practiced or experienced it.

The Karuna Reiki symbols are explained further in the below points:


  • Zonar:

Zonar is one of the Karuna Reiki symbols that is used to solve the karmic bonds of a person from his past lives. It is one of the most powerful symbols as it helps in clearing the interdimensional problems that the soul is suffering. It is more based on the cellular level as some of the past incidents never leave the sides of an individual. This symbol pairs best with the Third Eye chakra.


  • Halu:

Halu is the “level-up” Zonar because of the pyramid added. The addition makes it better and helps in going deeper and denser reals of one’s being. It helps in clearing the doubts and elements of false impression by clearing the unconscious mind. It opens up the consciousness of the individual with the right Reiki Karuna method and provides in tackling the psychological attacks by others. Drawn with the Third Eye chakra gives the best result.



  • Harth:

The Harth is one of the important symbols of the Karuna Reiki meditation as it deals with the issues that are related with the heart. Not just the love with persons but the passion for things you love to do intensify with this symbol. It also helps in experiencing the unconditional love that is rare and makes you emotionally strong. It also takes care of the physical health of the heart and provides the best result when drawn over the heart chakra.


  • Rama:

The Rama symbol of Karuna Reiki helps in clearing the energy of the lower chakras and it also improves the desire for manifestation. The most common representation of this chakra is a male and female bonding that sets a harmony between nature. It also connects the upper chakras to be in a tuning of the lower chakras. The best outcome can be acquired when the symbol is drawn on the foot sole of an individual.

karuna reiki symbols

  • Gnosa:

The Gnosa is one of the Karuna Reiki-II symbols that helps in acquiring higher self-conscious by opening the mind. It provides the awareness and joins together the conscious and subconscious mind together. It strengthens the power of thinking and makes the individual more aware of his/her being. The best result from Gnosa can be utilized with the Solar Plexus chakra.

karuna reiki symbols

  • Kriya:

The Symbol of Kriya portrays the double Cho Ku Rei which is formed into clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The symbol focuses on the contradictory nature by presenting the heaven connected with masculinity and the earth connected with the femininity. This Karuna Reiki healing from this symbol can be used with any of the seven chakras.

karuna reiki symbols

  • Iava:

Iava symbol of the Karuna Reiki meditation is used to recover the individual power and knowledge of one’s own personality. It helps in recreating the present by giving a superior knowledge of past and the future. It provides awareness to a person of his own actions. The Iava symbol pairs effectively with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

karuna reiki symbols

  • Shanti:

The Karuna Reiki Shanti Symbol is used to manifest the peace internally and externally. It helps in driving away the fears by soothing the thoughts of past and releasing the stress of future. It makes you focus on the present with the positive energy and clears your mind from any of the negative thoughts. This Shanti Symbol can be drawn on any of the Chakras resulting effective.

karuna reiki symbols

The Karuna Reiki benefits individuals better than the Usui Reiki as many individuals have also claimed to feel the presence of mystical energy around them as having the presence of a magical being surrounding them. To know about the Reiki Meditation click on the following link.

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