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Reiki and Christianity | Shriastrologer

Reiki is a healing process which has been known and used for a long time. Many religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism embrace it as spiritual healing as both Reiki and spirituality focus on self-care. Reiki is a Japanese term which is made of two words, ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Universal Life’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘Energy.’ Here in this article, we will tell you about Reiki and Christianity.

What is a Reiki healing process?

It is a process in which a person, a Reiki master, uses his aura, or his life energy and transfers it to a recipient to heal him physically, mentally and spiritually.

How does Reiki work?

The energy of life flows within the human body through pathways called chakra. Reiki also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. It flows through the affected part of the body and charges them up with positive energy.

reiki and christianity

Reiki and Christianity:

As the popularity of grows, Reiki and Christianity have shown a mutual connection. Christians have found Reiki as a useful technique of healing that helps them to express toward others and get relief from suffering, and at the same time, it creates a closer connection to God. Reiki and Christianity go way before civilization, in the time of Jesus as Reiki has also been mentioned in the Bible.

What is Reiki attunement?

Reiki attunement is the healing process in which the master attunes to the energy chakras of the recipient and transfers his energy to the beneficiary, expanding his energy chakras in the process. The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are put into the student by the Reiki master. This process is guided by master and adjustments are made in the process depending on each student need.

The practice of Reiki and Christianity:

Christian people are still not sure if they can practice Reiki as a part of their lives. They should practice this ancient art for good of the people. Most Christians who follow and practice Reiki see this as a way to closely follow the teachings of Jesus, and the laying on hands technique he practiced to heal people. Corinthians 14:1 Paul tell us that each gift is best expressed with love. Also, Jesus is quoted in John 14:12 saying,” I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these because I go to the Father”. Jesus also practiced laying on hands type healing. So it is good that Reiki and Christianity go hand in hand.

Reiki provides us with a very wonderful way for Christians to get a feel for God’s power. The attunement or treatment call on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work directly through the human body and do the healing. This can be done through prayer before Reiki sessions, attunement, and classes. God’s love can become very powerful because Reiki and Christianity found praying to get healing power from Gods angels Archangel Michael Gabriel.

Is Reiki a religion?

In religion there is a concept of heaven and hell, sin, and salvation etc. and in order to get part of a religion, you have to believe in those concepts. But Reiki doesn’t deal with those things. Reiki is a simple healing technique and it doesn’t require somebody has to give up his religious faith to study nor to change someone religious belief in any way. But most Christians found that Reiki and Christianity bring them closer to Gods, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit. Because it’s a method of healing its fulfill Christianity faith to help others through healing.

Is Reiki a cult?

For something to be a cult, the first requirement is that you must give up your previous religious belief to accept a new belief without question. But in Reiki people are free to continue their religious belief they have. Reiki is religiously neutral. Reiki and Christianity do go hand in hand.

Negative thoughts about Reiki:

Wizardry and black magic etc. have always used with the idea of gaining power over others or gaining some personal benefit regardless of God’s will. Reiki cannot be used to fulfill one personal desire. Reiki can only be used to heal and to help people and is always guided by God and Reiki master.

Is Reiki a Buddhist practice?

While Mikao Usui who founded Reiki was a Buddhist, he used to respect all religions including Christianity. Once he lived with a Christian family. He always wanted that both Reiki and Christianity to be known as a religious practice but as a simple healing technique to heal people. Reiki energy comes from God and which he understood as universal almighty God.

The right of all Reiki and Christianity followers:

Reiki is in alignment with the teachings of the Bible. If you are interested in Reiki, it is suggested that you pray for it and follow the guidance if master that comes from the Almighty.

What does God Speed mean when someone dies

God speed is a phrase which comes from the Middle English phrase ‘God’ ‘Spede’ which means good luck, or may God helps you to succeed. ‘Farewell’ and ‘safe journey’ is what God speed means when someone dies. It’s a way of expressing sadness and bidding farewell, wishing a safe journey of the dead to the next world.

What does God Speed means when someone dies can mean different with different means what people say. It can also mean a safe journey, and it can also mean that may god look after you.

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