Best Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu, Postures and Positions

Best Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu, Postures and Positions

Vastu shastra holds a great importance in India and other countries. It is specifically tradition architecture system followed by Hindus. We can also consider it as science of Architecture. Vastu shastra implies on lot of things from building a house to direction in which we should put our sofa and bed for our living room and bedroom. It have vast scope that covers almost everything. Here in this article we are going to give you a slight idea of Best Sleeping Directions as per Vastu.

sleeping directions as per vastu

Vastu Shastra also affects your health along with your wealth and other aspects of life. To Maintain your health according to vastu, Sleeping is one of the most important part. You should know that in which direction you should sleep according to Vastu. Here in this article we are going to give you the complete details of sleeping directions according to Vastu.

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According to a research, an average human sleeps for 7-8 hours in a day that means that he spend nearly 1/3rd of their entire day in sleeping and one should keep proper sleep to keep himself healthy and fit.

Appropriate Sleeping Directions as per Vastu, In which Direction you should sleep

South-Head North- Feet
West- Feet East- Head

Reasons why do we need appropriate sleeping directions According to Vastu:

  • Wrong or inappropriate sleeping direction may lead to health problems and issues in future
  • An undisturbed sleep is very important for your health, you can prefer east direction for easy undisturbed and comfortable sleep.
  • Positive energy is much required when you wake up early in morning to keep you charged all day and according to vastu shastra if you sleep in appropriate direction you can have that positive energy.
  • Scientifically, sleeping also improves your blood circulation and keep your body fit and fine

Though there is a limitation, to get proper sleep you need to follow appropriate sleeping directions as per vastu that can keep you fit and fine and here in this article we are going to discuss in which direction you should sleep as per the vastu plan.

Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu in South West Sector:

Positive energy is something we all are aware of it and one can’t deny the fact that when we are filled with positive energy our Productivity increases exponentially. According to Vastu Shastra South West sector of any house is warehouse of positive energy and best for your sleeping.

North South Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu:

Vastu Shastra is all about negative and positive energies. We all know that magnetic field of earth is on north side that results in full of negative energy, hence we should always avoid to keep our head in north direction no matter what because north south direction also have magnetic field of earth.

If you sleep in north south direction, it would not be a good idea as it would always be disturbing for you and may results in sleeping disorders if you keep doing it for long run.

East West Direction:

Since North South is having magnetic field that keep all the negative energy. As East west is opposite to north south it does not have any negative energy. Infact East West Direction is an appropriate sleeping directions as per vastu. Those who sleep in East west direction never get any sleeping disorder and always remain healthy without any disturbed sleep. Along with this East West Direction is also consider as energy of action that will fill your body with pure waves.

South for Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu:

Few theories of sleeping as per vastu is based out on Hindu Mythology. According to one such Theory, South direction is dedicated or owned by Lord Yama(Known as Yamraj). Hence, if you are having your feet in south directions you are giving invitation to your death.

Not only Mythology and vastu, there are some scientific theories that suggest you why sleeping in south is not appropriate. Like North pole is source of negative energy while south pole is full of Positive energy hence, you should always keep your head in north pole while sleeping. Due to negative energy of North they could not be productive in their life anymore. This direction problem will affect your efficiency in wrong manner that should be avoided.

After Listening all the conversations you must be thinking that what is appropriate sleeping directions as per vastu?

Whether it is chinese Fengshui or Indian Vastu Shastra both agree with the fact that your geographical sleeping direction can affect you in positive or negative. If you put your feet in North or west then you should change this practice as soon as you can in order to save yourself. If you put your head in South or east then it is one of the best sleeping direction as per vastu. Those who put their head towards east are quick learner and those who put their head in south are more virtuous as compare to others.

You may have some suggestions for us on Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu that is most welcome. Please drop in comments below.

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