Vastu For South Facing House – Home| Plots| Apartments

Vastu For South Facing House – Home| Plots| Apartments

There is a notion that south facing house is a bad sign for a home. Whereas North is believed to be a positive impact to the house. This is all might be part of superstition, or we can say a misconception. In fact as per Vastu for south facing house can be very auspicious house only if, it follows certain vastu principles. If you get a house which is south facing than it is acceptable only according to the vastu.

We will give clear image of vastu for South facing house in the below article.

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Vastu for South Facing House:

Over the years Vastu Shastra has claimed that whether it would be South, North, west, east every direction is equally good for the house. But it is also said that in Vastu Shastra there can be inauspicious things if entrance/main door of the house are not in proper place. South facing houses, one thing that can make it auspicious is the main door of the home i.e. considering the other vastu principle.

If south facing house is as per rules and guidelines of vastu Shastra then it is said to be positive and auspicious. This is a reason why your house and your life’s are filled with happiness, prosperity, successful.

Rules, Tips and suggestions of Vastu for South Facing House:

As mentioned in the above sentences the entrance of the south facing house is a prime importance in Vastu Shastra. According to the Vastu Shastra for south facing house, The entrance of the house is located on the 4th step of the south side.

We have given an image below kindly have a look to understand what a step in the Vastu Shastra language is.

vastu for south facing house

In the image you can see that the south facing house (From south east to south west) which is divided into nine equal parts. Each part is stated as a pada in Hindi which is meant as step.

The green one which is different from other color which is 4th step is in green color. Whereas from 5 to 9 which goes to south west is colored in red and 1 to 3 which leads into south east direction is orange color.

Here what it means

  • The fourth step which is in green colour is the entrance of the house which is the best place to keep the entrance and a very auspicious for the home.
  • The one, two, three which is in orange colour are the ones that you can use for the entrance door if the 4th step is small. But you have to make sure that the 4th step is included into the other steps which is 1, 2, and 3. If you are using the space of step one, then make sure that the entrance/ main door doesn’t touch the South east corner. At least keep 6 inches distance from the south east wall.
  • The step from 5th to 9th are the ones that are prohibited as per vast Shastra for having entrance. If a main door at 5 to 9 can be the sign of negativity for a south facing house.

Hence let us get to know more about the guidelines and tips about the vastu of south facing house entrance, there are few more tips for the other principles of south facing home,

Does and Don’t of Vastu for South Facing House:

  • Always avoid entrance/ Main door in the steps from 5th to 9th.
  • Don’t keep any kind of water related things like sump, bore well etc. in the south-west corner of the house.
  • Avoid a plot that slopes from north to south.
  • Any cut or extension in the area of south should be not done.
  • Car parking in the south side should be ignored.
  • Don’t keep any kind of space in the south than in north side.
  • Avoid keeping kitchen in the south west.

What to do in Vastu for South Facing House?

  • Make sure to keep a main entrance door on the 4th step.
  • After utilizing the 4th step seems less than you can use 3rd to 1st step.
  • Build the walls higher and thicker in the south and west, than the north and east.
  • Make slope from South to North.
  • Make a kitchen in south east or north east.
  • While cooking face towards the east or west.
  • The master bedroom should be in the South-west corner.
  • If want a stair case make it in south.
  • Living or Pooja room in the North-east.
  • A guest room must be in North-West.

We hope this is beneficial for your knowledge about the Vastu for South Facing House

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