15+ Vastu Dosh Remedies for Toilet you should know

15+ Vastu Dosh Remedies for Toilet you should know

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Toilet- Complete Tips and Vastu Solution:

Vastu Shastra has occupied almost all the fields such as home, business, office, shop, etc. Most of the apartments and houses are constructed by keeping Vastu guidelines in mind. When you are buying or constructing the home, it is advised to pay special attention to toilets, bathrooms, as well as combined washrooms. These are the places where you excrete waste materials from your body. Undoubtedly, these are the places which tend to radiate the maximum amount of negative energy in your home. If you don’t follow Vastu Dosh remedies for toilet properly, these places can bring immense bad luck and you will always find obstacles in your life.

Before we head towards the remedies, it is important to understand about these Vastu dosh remedies for toilets and washrooms. Let us explore the reason behind these defects.

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What is Vastu dosh in toilets? | Vastu tips for bathroom and toilet

When your toilets and washrooms are non-compliant with Vastu guidelines, they will attract negative energies in and around your home. You already know that north-east part of your house has its own terms and conditions of having things. Similarly, you will face major issues in life which are arising due to improper location of toilets and washrooms. It is important to know these symptoms for adopting Vastu dosh remedies for the toilet.

Problems arising due to Vastu dosh in toilets: | Vastu Dosh Remedies for Toilet

Given below are some of the common issues which you may come across if Vastu dosh remedies for toilets are not considered with immediate effect.

  • You may become financially weak in all aspects. All your money will go in vain for no reason and you will not have control over your own finances.
  • It may cause mental stress and you will meet with accidents frequently.
  • You may feel constant fear and vulnerability towards something bad in your home.

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Vastu Dosh remedies for toilet:

Given below are some of the remedies which you can adopt to get rid of the Vastu dosh in your toilets.

  • If you are investing in your new home, then make sure that the water closet (commode) is aligned at the north-south axis. This will do away with the vastu dosh, if any, in your toilet.
  • If you are constructing your house then make sure you have the toilet in west or north-west side of the house.
  • In case there is no space in above-mentioned parts, you can also have your toilet in the southern part.
  • You must place the commode inside washroom in west, south-west, or north-west side.
  • Your commode should be placed in the toilet in such a manner that while sitting the person should never have his/her face towards east or west direction.
  • Make sure your toilet is 1 to 2 feet higher as compared to ground level.
  • If possible, try to have entrance of your toilet in east or north side of the wall.
  • The floor of your toilet must be constructed in such a way that its slope aligns through east or north side. The water should slide down in this direction and it will certainly remove the Vastue dosh in your toilet.
  • The water storage tank, bucket, or tap should be placed in east, north, or north-east side.
  • You can decide the color of your toilet walls as per your wish but make sure they are in light shades. Light shades are preferred because they attract and radiate positive energy. This is a sure short way of overcoming such Vastu related defects in any part of your house.
  • Provide a small window or ventilation unit in your toilet on east, west, or north side of the wall. This will allow all the negative energy to move out of your toilet.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for toilet in north-east side:

We already know about the defects which may occur due to presence of certain things in north-east direction. Let us have a look at the Vastu dosh remedies for toilet in this direction.

  • You must place a bronze bowl in vertically opposite position on the ceiling of your toilet. They must be placed in the north, east, or north-east direction.
  • If your toilet has enough space then you can consider having a plant which can absorb a good amount of negative energy. For instance, you can have a spider plant.
  • Salts are always perfect solution for absorbing negative energy. Place a bowl full of sea salt and make sure you change it once in a week.
  • Always keep the door of your toilet closed so that no negative energy escapes into your home through your toilet.
  • Always have a good air freshener in your toilet to keep it fresh and tidy. Make sure you clean from time to time because hygiene is the key to have a good Vastu in your home.
  • If you have combined washroom, then the one in north-east direction should be used only for bathing purpose and not as lavatory.

These simple steps will certainly help you in doing away with the Vastu dosh of toilet. Keeping your washroom clean and fresh is the most important thing to remember when you are looking for Vastu dosh remedies for toilet. Make sure you adhere to these Vastu dosh remedies for toilet properly and maintain a positive environment at your home.

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