East Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40 Pooja Room, Staircase

East Facing House Vastu Plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40 Pooja Room, Staircase

East facing house Vastu plan 30×40:

In present day, modern people believe that Vastu plan is a superstition. But the fact is that, Vastu is related to the energy in by your house. Be it north, west, east or south, there are certain plans in Vastu to get in all positive energy in your home. From ancient times, Vastu has been a reliable guide while construction of homes, offices, shops and industries. Even the interiors and objects are selected by keeping Vastu in mind. There are various misconceptions about Vastu and almost everybody seems to have opinion about it. In the below article we have presented the layout of East facing house Vastu plan 30×40.

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A north facing plot is always considered as best for all type of constructions, whether a house or business establishment. Utmost care must be taken while deciding the design and layout of interiors such as proper placements of rooms, direction of entrance, Pooja room etc. But, east facing house Vastu plan 30×40 and pooja room is also considered as beneficial for maintaining positive environment. After taking a plot, it is extremely important to know about the direction of your house. After that, the next important thing is to make a Vastu plan for your construction to place everything in appropriate manner.

Given below are few descriptions of East facing house Vastu plan 30×40, which includes rules and guidelines to be followed.

  • Road– The road must be on the east side. It should be lower than the plot. The slope should be from south direction starting from the rear of the house towards the front.
  • Open space– There must be open space in front of the house and the distance between the road and the house should be good enough. The open space should be present more in front side than in the back side. To be precise, there should be more space in north-east than in the south-west.
  • Gate– The main entrance of the house must be in the northern half in the front side. It brings peace and prosperity in the house. The gate should be designed in arc shape which is higher in the middle in comparison to the ends or sides of the entrance.
  • Levels– The south-west part of the house must be at lower level while construction, whereas the north-east plot must be at relatively higher level.
  • Boundary wall– The boundary wall on front side for an east facing house should be lower than the one present on back side. The wall on the eastern side can be constructed after the whole process is finished. The boundary walls in the south-west portion must be wider than the one present in the north-east.
  • Water storage– Never construct water storage tank in the back side of the house. It can be built in the eastern or northern part of the house. Also make sure that it is not present in the centre part.
  • Construction– South west corner of the house should never be left open or incomplete during construction or after that. However, the servant room can be constructed in this direction because it is best place for that better.
  • Bathrooms– It can be constructed in the south-east portion of the house and never in the north-east part. The bathroom must always be built in the back side of the house.
  • Bedrooms– The master bedroom should be constructed in the south-west side. One should never sleep with the head towards the north side and the bed shouldn’t be kept in the centre. One can leave a gap of few inches between bed and the wall. Children’s bedroom should be in the west portion of the house. The guest room should be placed in the north-west of the house.
  • Door– The main entrance door must be in the north-east or mid-east portion of the house. The main door should never be in the south-east direction of the house. Door should not open in the southern direction. Also the doors in the west direction can be provided for the lawn in your house.
  • BalconyEast Facing House vastu plan Balcony should be in the north-east of the house and never in the south-west because sun rays will enter through the former direction. If any balcony constructed in the south-west portion of the house, then it should be smaller than the one in north-east direction.
  • Pooja room East facing house vastu plan with Pooja room should be in the north-east direction of the house. The face of the person must be towards east while praying. The ceiling of the Pooja room must be kept lower than as compared to other rooms.
  • Staircase– The stairs for east facing house vastu plan should be in the south, west, or south-west portion of the house. If it is made of spiral structure, then it must be in clockwise direction.
  • Kitchen– It should be located in the south-east of the house. The sink must be in north-west direction.
  • First floor– More construction must be done in the backward portion of the house as compare to the front side. Also, you must leave space in the north-east direction. Terrace must be located in the north-east side.
  • Septic tank– It can be located in the mid-north or mid-east direction.
  • Landscaping– Tall trees shouldn’t be planted in the north-east direction. However, south-west can be used for planting trees and lawn must be preferred in the north-east side of house. If you’re planning to keep a fountain, then it should be constructed in the north side.
  • Overhead tank– Overhead tank for east facing house vastu plan must be in the south part of the house and must be raised a few inches as compared to the roof level.

Hope you have understand all the facts you need to consider for your east facing house vastu plan and if you have suggestions for us feel free to share.

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