What is Reiki Attunement- Side Effects and Uses

What is reiki healing

What is Reiki Attunement- Side Effects and Uses

Reiki Attunement Side effects – Complete Guide:

Reiki is a form of healing art first developed and practiced in Japan which eventually spread to other parts of the world. ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese term which translates into God’s Wisdom and life force energy. The whole concept of Reiki is based on the idea that a ‘life strength and energy’ flows through all living beings and that is what keeps us healthy and happy. A person who has attuned himself to this Reiki life force can use his body energy to direct it to a recipient and help him to heal. Here in this article, we will share Reiki Attunement Side effects.

Reiki method can be practiced by anyone who has attuned himself to his life force and energy. On one hand where Reiki has shown miraculous results in some cases; it also has some disturbing after effects. Reiki is a natural cleansing process, and though the experience might be heavenly the after symptoms are alarming. These can include physical, mental or emotional grievances and can last for a while. Side effects can include diarrhea, running nose, heaviness in limbs, etc.

The Reiki attunement is a whole different experience for every other person, and so are the side-effects. It depends on the level of Reiki you are being attuned to, as well as the duration for which your chakras are opened. One who is looking to practice Reiki should be well aware of Reiki Attunement side effects.

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Reiki Attunement Side Effects- Emotional Effects:

Right after a Reiki attunement, you may begin to experience varied and extreme emotional outbursts. You will laugh for no reason, or you can start having extreme anger outbursts. Extreme sorrow and weeping is a common way of the body to release the emotions accumulated in you. It may refer as EMOTIONAL DETOXIFICATION. The body can store suppressed emotions and sentiments in your organs as energy, which should be released. These releases help your mind and body to reach a state of emotional homeostasis. There will be no apparent reasons as to why these emotions appear, but these help us to realize the positive force energy which is deep-rooted in us and embrace that once again. You can try meditations, breathing techniques or long warm baths to help release these toxins efficiently from the body.

Reiki Attunements Physical Side Effects:

The Reiki attunement is of around three-week process where the body starts releasing toxins and unwanted materials. During the process, the energy flows through the chakras and the seven chakras expand the energy centers. The toxins release causes many types of temporary illness like running nose, diarrhea, mild fever, etc. This is common symptoms and eases over time. To help, patients are advised to increase water intake, abstain from much sugary food as well as alcohol or other stuff which can potentially disrupt the action of the energy chakras.

Spiritual Effects of Reiki Attunements:

The spiritual energy and life force from the primary basis of the Reiki process. During this, new energy chakras are opened, expanded, and energy flow is increased. This causes certain changes in your thought process and opens up your mind to a new dimension of the universe. The beliefs once held by the patient can be challenged, as he is opened to a new sense of consciousness. Things begin to break down, and you can feel becoming a bit shaky and the loss of your track. Even ones religious beliefs are questioned in his mind. To combat such effects, the patient is advised to practice regular meditation and yoga. Also, some breathing exercises can be of help in maintaining the state of mind. Reiki Attunement side effects can cause some problems for the short term but the entire attunement process will help you for a long run.

Mental Purifications with the help of Reiki Attunements:

As the process begins, the cleansing process takes its toll on the negative part of the mental consciousness. Long-forgotten habits, cravings for alcohol and sugary food might begin to resurface. You can feel heavy with the surge of pessimistic thoughts, but these are just the mental burden and it’s time to release all these in the wind and open up yourself to new energy channels. Meditations can be your friend in these times. Try to keep your mind towards optimistic thoughts away from negative influences.

Reiki attunement side effects can cause a variety of new experiences, that are dependent on the level of energy being directed to your chakras. It is possible to roughly categorize the side effects and benefits in levels according to the level of attunement.

Reiki Attunement and its Side effects – Level 1:

  • The opening of the third eye: A whole new consciousness level
  • Intuitive level increases: Your gut feel increases, you begin to feel your instincts
  • New psychic powers
  • A release of negative emotions
  • Changes in food preference, a repulsion from negative food habits

Reiki Attunement level one basically involves opening up your mind chakra and expanding the energy centers so that you become more perceptible to the different energy flow in the universe.

Reiki Attunement and its side effects- LEVEL 2:

  • Varying energy levels
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Heightened connection to those around you.
  • Heightened feelings of compassion and empathy

Reiki attunement Level 2 causes the opening up of your heart chakras and thus making you more open to feelings and emotions you might hide or you think you don’t feel.

Reiki Attunement and its side effects Level – 3:

  • Seeing energy chakras
  • Higher consciousness level+
  • Deeper understanding levels
  • Feeling or lightness
  • Feeling a sense of connections to everything.


Reiki Attunements level 3 is the MASTER LEVEL ATTUNEMENT. In this, there is a continuous flow of energy and aura between master and student.

The only thing to remember is that there is no permanent Side effects of Reiki Attunements, It lasts for a few days till the body grows accustomed to the new consciousness level and energy surge, which ultimately helps him to become a better person.

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