Best Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu – Complete Guide

Best Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu – Complete Guide

Colour Combination For Bedroom According To Vastu:

We all know that colors play a great role in one’s life. The colors and decorations in your home is something that reflects your idea of a happy living space. Deciding the colors for your home is one of the most interesting as well as confusing tasks. At some point you want to choose your favorite color, but the next moment you also want a perfect combination. Especially when you are changing the look of your bedroom, it is important to do it as per Vastu Shastra. It is believed that by following Astrological remedies and Vastu guidelines your life gets filled with harmony and prosperity. The colors decide the vibes of your bedroom and you should carefully decide it according to the combinations suggested by Vastu Shastra. In order to do away with your confusions, we have listed out some of the exotic colour combination for bedroom according to Vastu.

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Colour combination for Bedroom walls according to vastu:

Before you straight away jump onto exact colour combinations for bedroom according to Vastu, we will tell you about the color schemes. These schemes will first give you the idea of theme which you would like to keep for your bedroom. You can decide whether you want to keep it bright, warm, amorous, etc. Some of the preferred schemes are listed below to give you a clear picture about bedroom walls colour combination according to vastu.

  • Warm Color Scheme for Bedroom: This combination includes the color like yellow, red, and orange. These are bright colors that give a fresh look to your bedroom and make it look beautiful. It is up to you whether you need to keep the shades faint or dark. If your bedroom is small, then it would be better if you do not go for darker shades, because it will make it look even smaller.
  • Cool Color Scheme for Bedroom: This combination consists of blue, violet, and green color. When present on the walls of your bedroom, these colors give a sense of tranquility to the residents. Majority of people choose this color scheme to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in their bedroom. In case your bedroom is small in size, these colors will make it look bigger. According to Vastu it is believed that this colour combinatio makes your bedroom airier.
  • Muffled Color Scheme for Bedroom: This color scheme does not have particular color, but it is always complemented with classy shade of grey. This scheme gives a soothing appearance to your bedroom. It is good for people who are not getting sound sleep at night. Muffled scheme is the perfect colour combination for bedroom according to vastu if you want to give a romantic look to your bedroom.

Most Preferred Colour Combination for Bedroom according to Vastu:

Given below are some of the most amazing and popular colour combination for bedroom according to Vastu that gives a lively look to your bedroom.

  • Red Accents: Red is always the color of romance, warmth, and fire. Every bedroom needs an essence of excitement and passion, and this is the right combination. You can always add a hint of light peach color, or baby pink color along with the dark shades of red.
  • Green: It is undoubtedly the color of prosperity and one can choose this for their bedroom without giving it a second thought. You would love to know that medical practitioners highly recommend green color to improve the eye sight of the residents. Dark shade of green is said to talkative and you can practically experience the sprinkles of positivity in your bedroom. Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra advise people to go for green shades in their bedroom.
  • Purple Magic: Purple is soothing color which stands for royalty and spirituality. Such color in bedroom will enrich your environment with richness and deep feeling of spirituality. Even when you are keeping your bedroom in simple white color, you can always draw purple patterns to give it a fresh look. It is a magical color which gives a royal feeling as well as indicates wealth

Colour Combination for Bedroom according to vastu

  • Heavenly Blue: It is the color which gives a feeling of calmness in both dark as well as light shade. This color is recommended for people who have joint pain, headache, or any other constant pain in body. The residents stay happy and elated when this color is painted on walls.
  • Classy Gray: This color gives a polished and metallic look to your bedroom and creates a serene environment in your bedroom. With this color, you will mentally safe and get precise thoughts with negligible amount of confusion or chaos in mind. Based on one’s choice, there are millions of shades and combination available with gray.
  • Light Brown Palette: This color is perfect for people who are extremely in love with light and exotic shades. Moreover, indicates earth which stands for quietness and nurturing. It fills your room with a sense of growth and positivity. This color is recommended for people who want to keep their living space simple and sober.
  • Pastel Shades: When you are confused between neither too bright nor too dull, pastel is the perfect moderate choice for you. According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, pastel shades maintain a calm and neutral environment in your bedroom all the time. It incorporates a sense of stability in your space and keeps your mind away from extreme thought processes. Also, pastel shades are never going out of fashion so you can always depend on them.

Therefore, after analyzing all the color schemes and color combination , it has become easy for you to decide the right colour combination for bedroom according to Vastu. There is no need to struggle between your favorite color and the vastu guidelines. You can decide the environment you need in your bedroom, select the scheme, and then combine color to give a customized look to your bedroom.

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